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July 31, 2022


Michelle nature notes

I have water all over the yard..bird bath, ground baths and saucers for bees. Hot and dry here too.

riitta k

I loved to see the Colorado views, both Geoff’s and Lisa’s. It seems that Geoff lives in a paradise like place! Wish it gets cooler there, and here!


That’s quite a herd of deer! Don’t get too hot.

Jm, Illinois, U.S.A.

The moon face was captured. How interesting Colorado and Oregon landscapes are.

Lavender Dreams

The Colorado deer are just amazing! What a view! Love the moon photo and the birds you've shown too. Most of our temps are in the low 90s but with the humidity it feels hotter...as you know! You sure have some HOT temps so take care and wait a few days before getting out...when it's colder! lol


Hello Sallie,
I hope your weather is cooler now. Love the Green Heron and the elk, great critter photos. The Moon capture in Colorado is gorgeous, lovely views and photos. Thank you for sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

Photo Cache

I hope all the heat is behind you. That is crazy to think you could be under that temp for a bit.

Visting from Skywatch Friday!

Worth a Thousand Words

Jim, Sydney, Australia



Glorious Moon Geoff!
A sweet post

Shiju Sugunan

Oh that moon is so perfectly placed. I like Lisa's picture from Colorado too.

Peter B.

I love Geoff's moon photo and Lisa's photo of the beautiful trail. Hope things cool off for you soon. I'm quite certain it won't be getting "cold" anytime soon!

Dina Johnston

Ha! Maybe you should be in Florida? Although it won't still be hot up there in October so I'd stay up there. Beautiful shots!

Taken For Granted

Wonderful landscape photos. The field of deer are amazing.


You are definitely a bit warmer than here in Nashua, NH, where we have been in the mid-90s the past couple of weeks. Colorado is a beautiful state and I hope to visit again one day in the future. Thanks for your comment on my post about Fort Knox in Maine and yes I do manage to learn new things even on subjects I am not overly interested, at first.


...I visited Portland's area nurseries for years and was amazed by the mild or sometimes chilly Julys. Could climate change be real?

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! that is Hot! ~ Geoff's pics are awesome ~ what a view they have from their new home ~ and wonderful photos you took ~ love the feathered friend one ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Veronica Lee

A fantastic collection of photos, Sallie.
On the contrary, we've been experiencing cool weather for the past few weeks. It's 79 degrees today - our temps are usually in the 90s.


Such beautiful scenery, I haven't ever seen many photos of Colorado before but it looks so warm and fun there.


All your states are wonderful! I see it's been hotter in OR than AZ, at least where I am.


A lovely Blog to see! We had a few days heatwave, hotter than ever before and a few days almost as hot. Now it is a few days blissfully cooler in between hot, humid days. It’s the humidity that gets one.


Sorry about the heat, we have it also but for months not days so count your lucky stars. I think its world wide...Loved the photos especially the deer at the end that is a large herd...I saw one itty bitty fawn in my field yesterday but my camera was too many steps away for me to make it in time. Stay cool!!


Been hot here too in Toronto!

Stewart M

The start of our winter was much colder than usual, but now its much warmer! What the heck!

Sorry for the long gap between visits / comments, the last few months have been strange to say the least. Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

ellen b.

Haha, no winter clothing yet, for sure. We have spent most afternoons indoors this past week. Beautiful photos from your 'third state'. Magical views for sure! Happy to read of your enjoyable family gatherings. Soaking up the moments!

William Kendall

Beautiful landscapes.

It's been hot here, but not humid.

Bob Bushell

I love the pictures, that are beautiful Sallie.


I heard about the PNW heat wave! So unusual! My daughter is in Montana for a work event today and she told me it is 101 degrees there.

I love the views your son has from his deck! Very Colorado. It has also been hot here this summer but a bit less than less summer. WE drove up Mt Evans where it was 40 degrees last week! Felt so good even though it was raining.

Stay cool!


we just went through a very intense heat wave, it's funny how you view 80's after a few days in the 100's!! my pool water was 92, not quite refreshing!!

your images are beautiful today, i enjoyed seeing ones from your archive. geoff's picture's too, in the first one, i see a smiley face on the moon. lisa's picture may have been my favorite!! stay cool sally, at this point we are probably all looking forward to fall!!


A fabulous collection of photos Sallie :) It's been very hot here too, but in the 90s. We haven't had 100 yet. Hope it cools down for you soon.


We had a heat dome for weeks. It was miserable and we finally got a break for a few days but here it comes again. So I feel your pain.

Beautiful photos from the Colorado family and your own from before the heat.

Stay cool!


That Colorado moon is outstanding! Your photos with green grass and blue skies don't reflect the heat wave. Summer here in Florida often doesn't translate the heat and humidity in photos either. Have a great week!


The Colorado photos are beautiful, I love the moon capture, the big white dog and the elk. Pretty views of the river. I hope your weather is cooler this week. Take care, have a great new week!


Oh, that beautiful moon!!
Yes, some days it’s just best to stay inside and hug your air conditioner! I hope you get so,e cooler weather soon so you can get out and about.


Love seeing all your pictures, especially the Colorado ones!

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