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August 07, 2022



I've been pining for the Oregon coast. Sure glad you sent even with limited ocean views.


That bridge is pretty spectacular. Beautiful photos of your day trip, even though you had to change plans. I remember trip planning, where I had an option B and an option C. Many times we had to use one of the options. Really nice Egret shot.

riitta k

Lovely day nevertheless despite the fog! Your post brought to my mind our 2 week’s road trip in Germany. We were in the southern Germany where the castles and views over the Rhein (?) should be stunning. But it was pouring with rain, many roads were cut and the fog so dense, that we didn’t see a glimpse of the picturesque views!!! But for sure a vacation I’ll remember for ever 😀


Siempre apetece viajar hasta la costa. Me gusta las fotografías de tu reportaje y sobretodo el puente que hay en una de ellas.

 My Corner of the World

Yes, we all should check to see if the ocean is still there every now and then! Fabulous images of your trip, Sallie.

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!


It's fantastisc to read about other Lifestyle, see other countries. I enjoyed reading... thank you for sharing.

Happy MosaicMonday

Shiju Sugunan

It indeed looks like a great day. Lovely views and pics. I like the critters you saw.


I would love to live close to the coastline. Oregon is a beautiful state, love the coast line there. Your visit to Florence was a great day trip. Beautiful views of the the bridge, the birds and ocean. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

I've updated my Moonman post on my blog to provide a bit more info about the sculpture.


I read your About page and learned about your travels. You two are living the life. Thank you for showing me a bit of it. Have a wonderful week.


Day trips are the best, we agree, Sallie, and despite the weather you seem to have an enjoyable outing. We did not visit Florence when we were in Oregon several years ago. Glad you were able to make sure the ocean was still there!

Carola Bartz

The Oregon Coast is exceptionally beautiful, but the fog seems to be a frequent companion. I love this area of the coast. We used to camp in the Oregon Dunes area and took very long beach walks. Simply lovely.


...I love that bridge. I've never been further south than Tillamook.

Peter B.

We took a family vacation to the Oregon Coast and spent time in Florence. Happy memories!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.


That sounds like a wonderful trip! Always an enjoyable visit, and I enjoyed the interesting sights in your photos. Thanks Sallie!


I love the Gulf Coast but there is something special about the Pacific Coast. It's a lot wilder and the mountains coming down to the ocean in many places are spectacular and the weather is better than summer on the Gulf Coast where it is hot!! (but still worth going to see).


Sallie - glad you had a good day trip despite the fog. Making lemonade from lemons. My favorite picture is the egret. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Linda Walcroft

That’s quite a bridge!


Nice to know about Florence, OR. I'd love to stop there next time we're on 101 and on the way to WA.
Thank you. :)

Oh yeah -- the Pacific Fog can really prevent us from having a good look at the ocean on summer afternoons/evenings. :)

William Kendall

Beautiful views.


Hi, Sally, I think the extra hot weather brings the fog, but I'm glad you enjoyed the trip to see the ocean despite not having a good view of it. The purple martins and cute We escaped a big monsoon rain the other day but Loveland and Denver got hit hard with some flooding. It's either "feast or famine" weather wise...lol

ellen b.

Sounds wonderful. How nice to have the Pacific only 60 miles from you. Florence sounds like a nice place to have a stroll and 'eats', too. That is a very unique bridge. Happy August to you. Yikes that came around fast!!


oooooh a road trip, 60 miles is perfect. cute little shops a bookstore and a coffee shop, you can't beat that! nor can you beat cooler temperatures, ours are coming tomorrow and i can wait. i have a saying about hot temperatures and how it's been, it involves a witch, perhaps you know it!!

gorgeous images today, that great egret is so pretty!! and i am glad you check on the ocean, i do also....i just need to know it is still there!!!

and to answer your question on my blog, yes sallie...we drive around the lake, there is no walking path which is a shame. when i see something good, depending on where it is, i hop out if i can or take pictures from the car. i stayed in the car for all of saturdays pictures!!

Penelope Notes

It's been too long since I've traveled the Oregon coastline, in my view it must be one of the loveliest scenic and dramatic wave-makers on the globe. :)

Veronica Lee

How cool you could see the seals! The one and only time I saw seals in the wild was in Monterey.

Delightful photos as always, Sallie!

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful and fun Sallie ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


oh you're so lucky to see seals, we apparently hve them here but I haven't seen any yet.

Lydia C. Lee

Very different to the real Florence. I wonder why they named it that? Cos it's on the river, I guess? Lovely bridge and looks a cute town! #SharonsSouvenirs

Lavender Dreams

A fun day trip like this is a good day indeed! You get to see so much and even if it's a place you've been before, there are always new sights along the way. I love seeing the ocean and need a day trip to make sure the Atlantic is still there! lol

Bob Bushell

Brilliant the old bridge, and the Great Egret, pure Sallie.

Jennifer Jilks

I love day trips to the water! I enjoyed this one!


Hello, Sallie

Sorry about the fog, but your day still sounds wonderful. I like the Purple Martins and the Egret. Neat shots of the bridge. Florence sounds like a nice place to explore the shops and dine. Take care, have a great new week!


fun drive and Florence looks like a good place to roam

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