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August 21, 2022



Happy birthday.... what a lovely place for celebration. I love the sea. Have a wonderful good week. Stay healthy and well, too.

Hugs by Heidrun


Wow…beautiful blue water… Michelle


That is a wonderful place. As much as I love the sea lions (thousands! amazing), I had to stop a long time at those rock formations. Like giant fingers.


Perfect place to celebrate birthdays.

Photo Cache

Happy fellow August birthday celebrant. How fantastic to spend your special day doing what you love.


When in my twenties, centuries ago, we drove up the California coast into Oregon... the most beautiful trip I have ever been on. I can see why you love the shoreline so much. What a beautiful way to spend two birthdays.


I'm happy to hear about the Pacific Ocean, and I can report that as of just a few days ago, the Atlantic (at least the northern part) was also still there. Good news for everyone! I love your photos.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Hello Sallie,
Lovely views of the Oregon coast, it really a beautiful place. The rock formations are different and interesting. I love the sea lions and the deer. Lovely photos and post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.


Happy birthday. A really great looking coast. Wonderful looking places.

Jm, Illinois, U.S.A.

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful area. Sealions, deer, and unusual rock formations. What a gift!


Looks like a wonderful birthday getaway. Happy Belated Birthday!

riitta k

Belated birthday wishes to you both! I am sure it was relaxing to overnight at a hotel… The rock formations look impressive, as do the sea lions

Peter B.

Thank goodness. If the Pacific Ocean disappears, were all in trouble! Thanks for the verificantion, and seriously, wonderful photos of a beautiful location!

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Linda W

Looks like a great trip. Happy birthday to both of you.

Candace Uhlmeyer

Lovely stuff. I'm so envious because I spent many happy days with my grandparents in Coos Bay and along that part of the coast when I was a child. We had plans to visit there last fall, but had to scoot south ahead of freezing weather. We might be able to get out again next spring, but meanwhile we can enjoy your photos and your birthday trip vicariously. Keep living the good life!

Penelope Notes

What a great birthday event! I think I've mentioned before that the Oregon Coast was the first trip my husband-to-be and I took together and it was truly wonderful. The crashing waves were spectacular and I still have the gift of a bird and butterfly he bought me at a charming nearby gift shop. However, there happened to be a convention of some sort in the area and not a room in any hotel was available. Haha … so you were lucky, indeed!


So happy you had a lovely time! Gorgeous! My favorite beach is Cannon Beach!


Belated happy birthday 🎉 wishes to you and your husband, Sallie. What a wonderful treat to travel to the coast and stay at a hotel this time. That is my favorite way to camp all the time! Those rock formations and the sea lions were wonderful to see on your celebration.


Im up online today and happy to see your post some normalcy in life...Glad you had a good Birthday!!


wonderful treat for a birthday.

Heidrun ⛱

We are not Camper, therefore I could less say to this feeling... but your post show it must be wonderful.

Thank you for sharing. Have a good week.


Buenas imágenes de la costa. Siempre que he viajado a la costa he estado en un hotel o en un apartamento, menos una vez que fuí a un camping y alquilé una bungalows. No tenía necesidad de cocinar, porque siempre comía lo que se cocinaba en el bar.


haha! So happy for you -- happy that the summer sea fog let you catch a few glimpses of the Pacific. <3

It's been a while since we've been in a hotelroom too, thanks to the pandemic. Travel's been happening but we've been sticking to vacation rentals. :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer. :)

Alan B Bates

We vacationed on the Oregon coast years ago and loved it. The coast changes constantly and you are right the mountains and trees go right down to the water. It was in August and we about froze to death.
We ate really well while we were there, the restaurants were wonderful.


Thank you for sharing these super photos from your trip. Must have felt great getting back to the Oregon Coast. This was a great birthday trip, Happy Belated Birthday :)


I'm not a camping fan at all however with that scenery and sound of the ocean waves I'd give it a go, deer are usually only seen here on farms so that's something else.

Alycia Quiltygirl

What a great trip!!
Glad you verified it still exists ;-)
BEautiful photos


What a beautiful place to celebrate your birthdays. Those rock formations are fascinating and look like a giant's fingers clinging to a rock.

Bob Bushell

Happy 'belated' birthday Sallie. beautiful oceans.


Happy Belated Birthdays to you both. I'm glad you had a great trip and enjoyed the hotel. I love your sea lions. I can still hear them in my head from past visits to California. The west coast seems to just teem with wildlife.

Soma @ InkTorrents.com

The fawn is so sweet. I just added Shore Acres park to my list of places I want to visit in OR. Thank you!! I am so glad you were able to spend you birthday there. Very Happy Birthdays to both of you!


A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! Happy Birthday and what a wonderful gift for you both and us with your awesome photography of magnificent coast line ~ Beautiful~ Thanks Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

William Kendall

Terrific shots. I would like to see the Pacific someday.

ellen b.

Happiest of birthdays to the two of you. Glad you could get away and verify the fact of the ocean for us with sunshine taboot. Those rocks really are something. That is a lot of seals!! Hope this new week has started well.


The Pacific Ocean and coast are so beautiful in Oregon. Happy belated Birthday to you both--keep celebrating every day as you do so well!

Linda P

Great photos! I would love to be by the ocean. Glad you had a lovely time.

Lavender Dreams

Happy Birthday to you both. And what a fun trip. I can't wait to go to the beach when it cools a little. Love seeing your photos. It's been years since I vacationed in that part of the country. Enjoy your week!

Veronica Lee

Happy Birthday to you and the hubs, Sallie 🎂

The ocean views are spectacular!

Have a great week ahead!

Traude "Rostrose"

Dear Sallie, good that you wrote me your blog name for your comment, so I could find you again! :-) It's strange that you could only comment anonymously - I hope this works better in the future. (If not, maybe you can insert your blog link right away? That would be very nice and helpful :-))
Oh, your birthday holiday looks wonderful! By the way: Happy belated B-Day! You were traveling in a beautiful area - and I can understand that sometimes a hotel is more comfortable than camping (although I also liked camping holidays). It's always a bit annoying when the camera stops working while you're still seeing beautiful photo opportunities. But above all, it's great that you saw the seals!
Happy new week,


Happy Birthday to you and your hubby! The trips to the coast looks wonderful, beautiful views. The rock formations are neat and I love seeing the sea lions. Great photos. Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead!


Happy Birthday to you and your husband, Sallie ! I'm too an August Leo (4th). A really beautiful and refreshing trip ! Amitiés.


Sallie - terrific, refreshing ocean views. With all the fighting going on over water, it is nice to see some! Belated Happy Birthday to you! And I laughed at your comment about the sea lions - give or take 100! LOL! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


What a lovely birthday treat!!

Diane Gofton

Beautiful blue sea, that's the Pacific. It is our ocean too. The rock formations are so unusual.They both look lovely places. Sounds like you had a nice birthday. You both are doing so well.

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