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October 02, 2022



Sallie - it is hard to grasp the immensity of the damage, and the reality that one house stands relatively undamaged while next door is nearly totaled. Fortunate, indeed. And what a gift that your son could make the trip and give you a first-hand report/work on clean-up. At this time, prayers seem inadequate, but it is what I know to do. I appreciated you sharing the lovely photos as a counterpoint to/instead of damage photos. Take care, my friend.

Michelle Banks

Sallie...I thought of you not knowing exactly where your house was. I feel so bad for the people knowing that many did not have insurance to cover the damages and that mold is a huge problem.I can't find your e-mail address. Would you send it to me at [email protected]

Juliet (craftygreenpoet)

The hurricane damage has been terrible, glad you escaped it. You've shared some lovely photos here.

Ms. Donyarific

So sorry to hear about your plight after the storm, but glad that you are okay in Oregon. Lovely images you shared, especially the sunflowers!

Shiju Sugunan

Sorry about the hurricane damages. I loved the beautiful pics!


We are thinking on you each Day, hearing the news.

...here are fantastisc captures, wish you a good week.


Glad you were far from the storm.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Love the Autumn colours.

Alan B

I hope there is not much damage to your home or those of neighbors in Fort Myers. The television video was very disturbing.


It was good to read this update, Sallie, as it had slipped my mind to ask about your FL home until you posted here. While it's good to know you were safely in OR, it was indeed sad to read and see all the devastation in FL especially in the Ft Meyers area. Friends we know spent a couple weeks there last February and the place they described as enjoying is now all gone. The power of nature is certainly something never to be taken for granted. Hopefully, your canal cottage will be salvageable if and when you decide to return.

That said, Oregon is indeed lovely.

Peter B.

So sorry to hear about all the damage and devastation. Glad you are safe and your house is still standing. Hopefully, over time, Ft. Meyers can make a full recovery.

Michelle Banks

Oh Sallie..I read an article in the Times about mold being a problem and too few who know how to deal with it. I am so sorry....beautiful photos...Michelle


Siento lo ocurrido en tu nación. Aquí hemos seguido desde España, todas las noticias del huracán.
Afortunadamente, nos ha cogido en la casa de Florida.Hay que agradecer que los daños que han sufrido son materiales y cuando venga el mejor tiempo,las pueda restaurar.
Entre todas las bellas fotos que contemplo, tengo que decir que me gusta mucho la de los girasoles. En España hay también una buena producción.
Ha sido todo un placer visitar su blog.

Heidrun ⛱

Yes, it's Golden October... and we love the way into autumn, with colored leaves, pumpkins and some last sunny spells. The temperatures are cooler.

We enjoy this days.

Wish you a very good week. Greetings by Heidrun


So glad you're safe in Oregon.


We've been watching the affects of the hurricane here, it's good you were safe but I hope those whose properties were damaged had insurance.

Traude "Rostrose"

Oh dear Sallie, what you're saying about the hurricane and its aftermath sounds terrible. I'm glad you were safe! Hopefully the damage to your Florida Canal Cottage isn't too bad.
Something less powerful than a hurricane happened in my life, but still something sad: Our cat Nina crossed the rainbow bridge after 19 years together. There is a commemorative posting for Nina in my blog - https://rostrose.blogspot.com/2022/10/abschied-von-nina-und-blogpause.html - maybe you are interested?
For the rest, I say goodbye to take a little break from blogging.
I wish you a wonderful October!
All the best from Austria,

A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely series of photos ~ so sorry about your winter home ~ do hope things work out soon ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,

aka (A Creative Harbor)


Hello Sallie, :=)

Lovely photos taken in Eugene Origan. I guess your weather is much the same as ours here in the north of Portugal. There are hardly any fall colours in the trees as yet, and I am still taking my meals outside on my balcony.

I watched the news about the devastation Hurricane Ian wrought
in Florida and was concerned about my blogger friends who live there and got several updates from them by email. I am so glad your house is OK. I too hope nothing was damaged on your property, and I'm glad you were safe.

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. I was so pleased to see you on my blog this morning.
All the best.

Veronica Lee

So sorry to hear about the damage done by Hurricane Ian.

I am glad that your cottage still stands.

Loving all the glorious photos as always, Sallie.


You always seem to have good luck, though perhaps what is actually true is that you have an upbeat attitude and always look on the bright side of what happens. In either case, I’m happy that you are in a safe and undamaged home rather than in a disaster area!

best…mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Joe Todd

Was wondering how you are doing. Glad you are safe. Sorry about you Florida home.

ellen b.

It was good to read this update about your Florida home as my brain was wondering. Thankful that you were on this side at this time. We have heard a lot about Fort Meyers because friends of ours were just there a while back and that is where their parents live. Their parents are fine but there is so much devastation to deal with. Hope your canal will return to a new normal and that your home has not sustained too much damage.


winter comming too soon

Sharon Wagner

It's so sad for all the displaced souls in Fort Myers Beach, my home-away-from-home. Flovember won't be the same for a long time.


Hello Sallie,
I am so sorry about the damage done by Hurricane Ian. It is good you are safe in Oregon and I hope your canal cottage is safe too. The fall images are beautiful. I love the pumpkins, sunflowers and the waterfall and park photos. Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

Lorrie Orr

The devastation is being shown on our news channels, too. So very sad for so many people. I'm glad your cottage still stands, but the uncertainty over the damage is likely worrisome. I hope you can enjoy your autumn days in Oregon. It's such a prolonged summer here in the northwest.

handmade by amalia

We've been watching Hurricane Ian news from the other side of the world and horrified by the damage. I'm glad your home is still standing and that you were safe.

Lavender Dreams

I'm so sorry to see all the damage in the area where your home is and I hope you find out more about your house soon. I know you are thankful to be in Oregon this month and enjoying the Fall season. The weather here has turned really nice now but we are still reeling from the devastation in our beautiful state of Florida. Please let us know how things are in the days and weeks ahead. Sweet hugs, Diane

William Kendall

Even a continent away that struck close to home.

Dina Johnston

Glad to hear you are safe up north. Hopefully you only have minor damage. It's so sad that Ian couldn't have just fizzled out. Beautiful shots of Oregon!


Hi Sallie, I was wondering about your Florida home after the Hurricane. Good to read your place is still there and I hope for good news for you with everyone else you know. The devastation was really awful! The photos you’ve shared from Oregon are gorgeous!

Soma @ InkTorrents.com

I am so sorry to hear that. Hopefully the damage is not too bad. However, until you hear more enjoy the gorgeous fall colours that surround you. Beautiful photos.



Its good to hear you were out of the path of the hurricane's wrath

Best wished



So happy to know your Canal cottage is always still standing. I hope the coming news ‘ll be not to bad. Amitiés de France.


I was so sorry to hear about the hurricane damage, and hope your canal cottage will be repairable.


I'm so sorry to hear this Sallie, I did not realize that your winter residence was in the Fort Meyers area. We watched all the devastation taking place on the news. We have friends in Cape Coral so we were worried about them--they are OK and have some wind damage but no flooding. I hope your Florida home's damage will not be too great and that you will be able to repair it. Praying for all those who lost their lives in this devastating hurricane!


Sallie - even someone who is not familiar with the parts of Florida that were affected can see the extent of the damage. It seems there are fewer places that are safe from Nature's wrath. My husband and I fully accept that we are living on borrowed time with the forest around us. It is only a matter of time before a fire comes through. So for now, we will enjoy every day we can. I hope the news about your cottage will be reassuring. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Penelope Notes

From afar, I've seen the devastation due to Ian. It is mind-boggling how vulnerable we are to the elements of nature and culpable, in some ways, in our own destruction. I hope we learn from this. Meanwhile, autumn in Oregon sounds like a dream.


Wonderful images - love the sunflowers and pumpkins - perfect for early October. I hope you have a great fall!

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