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January 08, 2023



Hello Sallie
So many wonderful birds on your post. I especially loved the one of the snowy egrets as it looked like he was wearing yellow rainboots to me :)
I'm glad you are able to enjoy your warm and snug van on cold days but I hope you will be able to rehab your heart and air conditioning system.

My post went up late today --last night I had trouble on my internet as it was running slow, maybe due to everyone streaming the Superbowl game.

David Gascoigne

A wonderful series of pictures, Sallie. South Florida really is a paradise for birds - and other wildlife too. I hope that at some point the Everglades can be rid of all the exotic species that have been introduced there, but that's probably an unrealistic dream on my part.


You've created a masterpiece of bird photos!! Wow

Enjoy the week ahead as best as possible and thanks for joining us at IRBB.

Adam Jones

This looks like the kind of place that I like to visit. Love all the different varieties of Herons.


The number of birds you saw is amazing. How lucky you are. So glad that you are getting back to normal. It must have been a lot of hard work and expense for you.

Shiju Sugunan

The photos are lovely!



Hello Sallie,
I enjoyed this post , your trip to the Everglades and Big Cypress sound like my kind of fun. Wonderful birds and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

Veronica Lee

I'm glad you took some time to explore the outdoors.

Your photos are amazing!

Hugs and blessings, Sallie!

Peter B.

Glad to hear about the restoration process. The bird variety is really impressive!

Michelle Keltner

Glad you took a break to get out in nature. These bird shots are fantastic! You really found a variety. Thanks for linking up.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Bird is the word.


You have the most amazing wildlife down there. Great post as always. I am in the middle of writing you a letter as I so enjoyed yours. Thank you so much!

Dee Nambiar

Thank you for sharing pictures of these winged beauties of the wetlands. It's nice to know that Ian was not too bad to the birds. :)
Wishing you luck with the repair and restoration. Have a good 2023!


That's a lot of birds. Good birding break.

Linda W

Great shots! Glad the NPS is restoring the natural environment.

Tommy & Teaghan

The birds are all so beautiful in the south. It's such a joy to see them all!


...WOW, you hit the motherload!


I love the birdlife


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the birds survived the hurricane and were encouraged to come back. We had heard that the pythons were destroying bird life — I hope that’s wrong. Your photos are really an encouraging sign that there is lots of hope for many species.

best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Thank you for sharing at
MosaicMonday . I'm glad to read about this Part of nature. The wildlife there is a great treasure. Hope, that will stay for the next years.

And of course... have a wonderful good New Year, dear Sallie. Stay healthy and well.

Hugs by Heidrun


Lovely to see, especially during a cold, dank and wet spell here in the Uk! It’s good to see you are making time to enjoy Florida. I don’t expect there will be a chance to get the air/con replaced this season with all the restoration work in the area?

Dina Johnston

Looks like a fun get away. Your blue bird with the white belly is a tricolored heron. (same as the one in the tree). Looks like you saw a lot of good stuff there. Hope things are going well with the clean up.


Happy New Year, Sallie, and hope that your holidays were a time of happy get togethers with family, friends or both as were our own. Thank you for the lovely comments on my holiday posts. The birds in these post reminded me of the ones we often saw on the VA Eastern Shore when we lived there. It was good to read that you were able to take time off from your cottage restoration projects. It was sad to read about the devastation you saw in Ft Myers, which was formerly a favorite getaway location for friends of ours.


You captured so many beauties - your trip was great for the birds! Keeping you in my prayers as you continue restoration on your home (2nd one). Take care and happy 2023


Happy New Year, Sallie!

The Everglades is such a rich habitat for birds of all kinds--I'm so glad to see some restoration going on! What marvelous photos you were able to take--I enjoyed seeing the array of different birds.

Lavender Dreams

It was so sad to watch the news of the devastation of Hurricane Ian. I know it takes years to get things done to the structures and some things will never be the same. I'm glad you went to see beautiful birds and enjoy some time in nature. I like the funny about IDing birds. I need to remember that one! lol Hugs, Diane


Hello, Sallie

Your getaway to the Everglades sounds like a perfect break from the renovations at the canal. Birdwatching is my simple pleasure and it is not always about getting a photo. But, just enjoying the moment.
Florida is a great state for a birder to visit. I hope Fort Myers come back better than ever! Your bird id's look correct to me. Take care, have a great week ahead.


I am happy to see all these bird pictures. They are lovely. Sorry to hear about the things that have happened due to Hurricane Ian. Glad to see how you spend time in nature activities.
Have a great day!

ellen b.

Glad you could get away and get a warm up, too. I have an advanced bird identification expertise...I like all those bluish birds you took photos of! :) You saw a lot of great birds. Hope you can get new heating/air in sooner than later.

Mary Howell Cromer

Hi Sally, long time since I last posted, or got to see your entries. What a beautiful array of colorful birds. Florida certainly has plenty. I hope that you all are doing well. Happy New Year Blessings~

William Kendall

The blue heron is a favorite bird for me.

Jennifer Jilks

Happy New Year!
What a trip. They are amazing to see from here. It is so cold!


Wow, you really did find a lot of birds and such diversity. Glad the birds are back and that your cottage repairs are coming along.

Really sorry about the general devastation. I hope people are able to rebuild.

Wishing you a great New Year!!

Penelope Notes

Happy New Year to you and yours, Sallie! I've wondered about the wildlife and where they hide during storms. Destruction is devastating and it can take years to rebuild what disappeared in a blink of an eye. It is always great to see so many survivors!

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