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January 29, 2023



Everyone deserves days off. You always photograph the best in birds but that gator was a bit too close for my comfort.


Some serious wonderful photos and narration this week Sallie!
And, thanks for joining us this weekend at IRBB.


Beautiful post, I love birds.


Definitely would enjoy see this area with all its wildlife. Always love your photos Sallie :) Those alligators can be intimidating but always found them fascinating to observe, and to see them in their natural habitat is extraordinary.


...gators will NEVER be my friends.

Jm, Illinois, U.S.A.

Ooops, if I were you I would look up and down and all around. Scary! Weather temperatures sound absolutely divine. Beautiful photographs.


Such a pretty area with so much to see. Had to chuckle when you said as close as you've been as far as you know...walking with a friend in a wild life area here in Hilton Head, taking pictures of the birds coming and going from the pond and didn't realize until we go home and looked at our pictures that right below us on the bank were LOTS of large gators. YOu forget as you walk and enjoy the sites and sounds of nature that when the bank is high or curled you really don't see what's below you. Note to self....stay farther back next time. Wonderful pictures.

Shiju Sugunan

Some beautiful bird sightings. The trail is very scenic. Too close to the alligator.


Hello Sallie,

It is a good idea to take off and enjoy the great outdoors, the birds and the critters. Love your bird photos, the pretty warbler, Egret and Tricolored Heron are all beautiful birds. The gators are cool to see, as long as they are a distance away. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

Michelle Keltner

I love this nature outing and your photos....but, the alligator! So close by! Maybe too close for me, lol. Thanks for linking up and I am jealous of your weather!


Nice outing that you had. Love that you know some uncrowded spots that are not so crowded. Sometimes those are the best kind.

That gator is kind stealth. I was at a Texas State Park near their coast talking to somebody when a log near me got up and ran into the water. It was farther than 6 feet from me but not much farther. Started looking around at the ground a little closer after that.

Peter B.

The gator does a pretty good job of blending in. I imagine that walking along, looking at your phone, could have a bad outcome if you were to step on, or even next to, one of these guys!


Beautiful series of photos of the wildlife. That gator would definitely keep me off walking that trail. I can't imagine being that close to a gator. Have a wonderful weekend.


I'm glad you enjoyed your outing. I always enjoy your photos and today's are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Veronica Lee

I love seeing your photos, Sallie.

That gator is scary!

Hugs and blessings!


Sallie - I am glad to see you were able to take a break from your hard work, and to get out into nature. But I didn't need that close-up of the alligator! Yikes! A little more serious than stepping on a snake!!! I drove to our ski resort early this morning to get on one of the first chairs, and was a bit stunned by the traffic at certain points - not going to the mountain but to WORK. Oh yes, people still do that!!!


Good to see that you have some time for enjoying your winter home, not just working on it. The birds are great. I seem to remember also seeing manatees on the one day that we managed to visit your area. I hope they are doing well (I heard mixed things) and that you are seeing them as well as the alligators!

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


How nice to find a new post from you, Sallie, as I can well imagine you have been busy. So nice that you took time off and shared these images with all of us. I will say being that close to such a large gator would have made me uncomfortable as well. The weather sounds nicer than here where temps in the single digits are forecast by the end of this week, but then into the mid-40s by Sunday, go figure.

::: Heidrun

Oh, what an adventure. I don`t know what I would do nearby an alligator. I fear them.

Thank you being part of MosaicMonday. Have a wonderful week and count your tiptoes ;-)


I DO like seeing your photos. Its been a long time for me since a weekend was really a weekend, we work every weekend and our days off are during the week so it's sort of become normal for us now, can't say I'd want to see an alligator on my travels though, they are scary.


Love your pics. Better watch out for that alligator, that was pretty close! Our temp here in Kentucky is 23 today, we got freezing rain and sleet last night.


Hello Sallie :=)
Lovely photos of Lake Trafford. It seems like a quiet place to admire and photograph wild life.I'm glad you found a place "far from the madding crowds". I'm not familiar with the Snow bird, and that heron looks somewhat different than I'm used to seeing, both well captured images.You say that it's more of a fishing place, and herons go where there is fish to be found,so you are likely to see them there.

The Alligator gave me a fright, that's one large gator, and only a few feet away from where you were walking along the verge of the canal. They scare me just looking at your photos! So glad you enjoyed your day out and found more than you were looking for!
All the best.

William Kendall

That gator is quite a sight to see.


great to get out and enjoy the wildlife.

Linda W

Your closing picture is serene. Unlike the alligator!

ellen b.

Glad you could get out even if it was with the crowds. Yikes that 6 footer was something. Good to know the less crowded turnouts to enjoy seeing enough birds to make you happy. We are on the cusp of February. Wishing you lots of love and joy!

Lavender Dreams

We get out on the weekend but at the Preserve we were at yesterday we only saw 4 other people! I think your area is more popular but it's great to get out in nature whenever you can. The birds are beautiful! Enjoy your week...hope you continue to see progress in your home! Hugs!

Penelope Notes

Lovely as it is, Sallie, the alligators slithering around seem far too close for comfort on these roads less traveled. However, the weather is most certainly comfortable this time of year in Florida.


Beautiful captures of the birds and landscapes. It is great to find places that are not crowded with people. I would just keep my distance from the alligators. Take care, have a wonderful week!

Linda P

The photos of the different creatures in this environment are so interesting. Also the environment itself. You have captured the birds so well. The alligator was so close. Thank you for sharing your weekend trip.

Lorrie Orr

So many beautiful birds and grasses - but oh, that alligator! I'd be keeping my eyes up and down, too.


Glad you had a good one despite the traffic and crowds. We usually do the same, pick a weekday for outings but even then we find carparks (Parking lot) full and wonder why they are not all at work.


Love your pictures of all the birds. Scared me a little to see how close that alligator was to you! Weather temps sound great!

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