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February 26, 2023



If we ever get down to Florida again, this will be on my bucket list. It sounds amazing and very good to know it was saved. I certainly know how you feel about the lost photos. Something similar happened years ago when I was on one of our road trips. Flamingos, palm trees and sunsets, I will always think of Florida. Thanks Sallie, and happy week ahead.


Beautiful pictures, though it's too bad some went by by. Some technical oophs it sounds like. It happens to us all from time to time. The flamingo's are interesting; but your sky pictures are the bomb! Truly gorgeous. We all have memories before digital cameras, let's hope we're able to keep them in our minds.


The flamingos are stunning


Sad that you lost the photos. I hate when that happens!! The other day I lost a whole blog post and had to rewrite it. Your images of flamingos are so vivid, and the pink water lilies are perfect with them.

best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Love the flamingos Sallie! What a pretty place to visit.
Gorgeous sky captures! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, I am sorry to be late commenting!


You have some lovely photos of your trip. If I'm not taking photos for my blog, I usually take no photos. Sometimes I like to experience nature without thinking I must photograph everything I see. Flamingos seem so exotic in their beauty, and seeing them must have been exciting.

Little Wandering Wren

Lovely photos of the flamingoes and sunset and lovely to hear of the work at Wonder Park.

I want to claim to be a geriatric bird too, and I rather like the idea of being a flamingo in my old age, too late my old wren in me might object!


Hello Sallie :=) What a shame you lost most of the photos you took in the Wonder Gardens of Bonito Springs."Been There Done That" so I know how upsetting it can be, but you have some beautiful captures of the Flamingos and the waterfall. It's good to know that it was not cleared away to make a parking lot and people can still enjoy the gardens. It's also good to know that the animals were looked after by the staff of the gardens when Hurricane Ian wrecked havoc in your part of the world.The photos you took nearer home are all so beautiful. The golden light of sunset and the pink sky reflecting in the water are truly gorgeous images.
Warm Best Wishes
All the best.

Traude "Rostrose"

Isn't it funny that we often don't visit local attractions until very late, dear Sallie? With us it's the same with some attractions in Vienna and Lower Austria, while on the other hand we've visited attractions all over the world... It's a shame that some of the photos were deleted, but maybe the memories will be particularly strong in your memory? (I made experiences like that a long time ago with lost photos...) And maybe you can go to this beautiful place again soon, for it is not sooo far away from you.
In any case, the flamingos are beautiful and hopefully spend a pleasant old age there - and the sunrise is also a dream!
Hugs & happy March days!
❤️ Traude ❤️


Isn't that annoying when technology stuffs up.(or us oldies stuff up). What you have though are lovely photos and memories. So good to hear that the gardens have recovered from the storm.

Shiju Sugunan

Gorgeous photos of flamingoes, wow!


Geriatric, eh? I reckon we will get there if we are lucky :)
Be well.

Photo Cache

We don't think about the animals after a disaster. Nice to know.

Peppylady (Dora)

It been a while since I been to botanical. The other day I went on line to look for some to visit.
I took part in sky watch.
Hope you have time to stop in for cup of coffee


We have all managed to "lose" photos from time to time, Sallie, so you are not alone, even though it is frustrating and disappointing. Glad you salvaged the flamingo photos as I have always enjoyed seeing them at zoos we've visited.

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Peter B.

The Wonder Gardens look lovely, and beautiful sky photos. I've had photos disappear too. I usually blame it on the camera or computer (in reality I'm sure it's something I did!).


Sounds like a great day. Take it easy on yourself about the lost photos. It happens every now and then.

The place looks beautiful. Our local zoo has locked the flamingos up because of the bird flu virus going around. In fact almost all their birds are off display.

I had lunch with a guy the other day. We went to his house. His wife has a bird that is 46 years old. It told me Hello. Hah.


no matter the missing pictures, it sounds like a wonderful day with your friends and still your memories are within you!! those flamingos are really amazing, holding themselves up on those tiny, thin legs. and they are old "geriatric" putting it kindly!! reading your last paragraph, isn't it amazing how kind people are, especially animal lovers. i'm glad they were able to restore the gardens in such a short amount of time!!!

Penelope Notes

Looks like everything was put back into perfect order after the storm. Flamingos always seem like they're walking on stilts. Amazing how such skinny legs are so strong!


How frustrating to have lost your photos but at least the few you saved gave a good impression of the park.


How can flamingos be geriatric? I sure don't look that good! Love your pictures as usual. Looking forward to your next blog!

::: Heidrun

Wonderful walk with the beighbour friends, Sallie. Glad toe hear about the rescue. Pink Flamingos we see here too in a Garden Center in Summertime. They are beuatiful birds.

... thank you being part of

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz

Look at those flamingoes! Brilliant!


I am so glad to read in your post that this wonderful garden was saved from being turned into a parking lot and that it survived the hurricane and was restored to its former beauty! I'm sad you lost your photos, however, but in a way, it is a good excuse to revisit this beautiful place again. Flamingoes are interesting birds to observe. My granddaughter was so surprised to see how they sleep on one lag when we saw them in the San Diego Zoo.


So amazing place

Lavender Dreams

It makes me so happy to know this park has survived over the years. It's beautiful! I've never been there either so I'll put it on my list. I'm sorry you lost photos...that really is so frustrating and happens to us all at some time. The weather has been fabulous! Enjoy your week!

Veronica Lee

Such a lovely day out.

The flamingos are so pretty!

Glad the gardens were restored.

Hugs and blessings, Sallie.

Linda P

You've been through challenging times with the hurricane. It's good to hear about Bonito Springs Wonder Gardens and how the creatures and staff managed at that time. It must have been horrendous. The flamingos are beautiful. The history of the place is also interesting.

ellen b.

I love the photos that didn't accidently get deleted. The Mornings on the canal photos are pretty. I especially like the bottom center photo, so lovely. Hope you have a good week.


Sallie - love the "geriatric" Flamingoes!!! And what a miracle to hear about how the animals were cared for during the hurricane.

Life Images by Jill, West AUstralia

It looks like a lovely place to visit. So frustrating when we loose photos and we don;t know why. Oh well, a good reason to visit again. Enjoy your week, stay safe. I am joining you at Mosaic Monday.

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful photos of a lovely place ~ so glad to hear that people took care of the animals during the storm and restoration is done ! We are blessed with beauitful places and bloggers like you who take great photos ! thanks,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Beautiful Flamingo's stand out, thanks Sallie.


I love old Florida attractions. This one is one I've never visited but would like to. It reminds me of Flamingo Gardens in Broward County.


Awesome photos of the flamingos, never realized how tall they are.

Dina Johnston

Looks like a fun place to visit. I'm adding it to my list to check it out when we road trip down south. Love the sunset!

Jennifer Jilks

Such storms. Good to see people caring for nature.


oh my goodness, what wonderful photos! I especially like the the ones of the flamingos! WOW!! Thank you!! Cathy


I would enjoy this park. I love the first waterfall scene. The flamingos are pretty. I am glad the birds have been rescued and have a safe home. Beautiful sky captures. Great photos. Take care, have a wonderful week!

Lorrie Orr

The photos you do have are beautiful. How graceful and colourful the flamingos are on their oh, so spindly legs. I'm glad the gardens were able to be restored after the hurricane.

William Kendall

The flamingos look graceful.

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