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March 13, 2023



The waterfront Restaurant sounds perfect, especially after all this strong days before, dear Sallie. My brother-in-law had an italian Restaurant in Augsburg and yes, sometimes, I helped. It's really doing a hard Job being in the Gastronomie.

Nice to see you, read about the good forwards.

Hugs by Heidrun

Michelle Keltner

I like the burrowing owl. I think they are fascinating creatures. There is a lot to be said for ordinary days. I am glad to hear you have made such good progress on the cottage. Thanks for linking up.


Love the burrowing owl!!!
It's great that you shared this post with us at IRBB, thanks!


It sounds like you are making great strides. Peachy/apricot colors are a favorite of mine, so warming. Very rewarding to see those renovations completed. Things sound like they are getting back to normal. All splendid photos and that owl 🦉exciting to see these beautiful birds. Happy Sunday to you!


Burrowing owls are so cute. Love the FL sunrise color on your walls. Enjoy your camping trip, looks like you've earned it.


Camping trip that sounds like too much work for me. You guys are amazing what you can still do. Love the sunrise photos. If your phone is an Apple iPhone you will have "Photos" program which syncs with all your apple devices like iPad and Apple computer. So you have all your photos on all devices automatically. In the program "Photos" there is an edit function and it is very easy to use either automatically or manually. Good luck.

David Gascoigne

Burrowing Owl is wonderful. To the best of my recollection the last one I saw was in Florida, at the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.


Hello Sallie :=)
Such a cheerful post, we certainly have a lot to be grateful for. Your sunrise images are lovely, and also the colour of your walls. The Burrowing Owl was a super sighting and I love your capture. I have never had the pleasure of seeing one in the wild. Now that your restoration work is finished, enjoy your trip, I know you will!
Take care
All the best.


Nice pic of the Burrowing Owl. Good to have your update/remodel work done in the cottage.


Burrowing owls are wonderful little creatures and I was vastly relieved to learn that many of them survived the hurricane. They knew what to do! Lucky you, to see them now. I visited them a few years ago and loved them.

best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Lavender Dreams

I'm so happy that you are getting things done in your home to make it more comfortable. What an ordeal you've had! And it's nice to be able to do some of the normal things you've missed too. Love the little owl of course! What a beauty!


Hello Sallie,
Wonderful photos of the Burrowing Owl, they are cute owls and always a treat to see. The restaurant looks nice, I am glad they have recovered. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.


Love owls we don't have them here but we have moreporks which are similar.


The owl is quite a handsome fellow. Have a grand weekend!


I'm a bit overwhelmed with what happened last year and all I wish for 2023 is ordinary, boring days just so I can recover.

The restaurant looks very inviting. Such a lovely painting. Luckily, it could be rerstored.

Have a nice weekend and a safe trip!



I'm glad things are getting back to normal but I can tell you have done a bunch of work on the repairs and renovations.

Kudos to for getting up early and taking photos. They are wonderful.

What to do with old photos is vexing. Keeping them on hardware is risky, and keeping them in the cloud can be interesting. I now have about 86,000 photos on flickr. Maybe 20 of them are worth keeping.

I got a new phone also. I have about 5000 photos on it. I had them auto synching to flickr which is great but on the new phone it thinks they are all new so. I am thinking about deleting them all since I already have them in the cloud.

Peter B.

Ordinary days are the best. I love the owl. Beautiful photo. Very nice to hear things are getting back to normal!

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Sandy D

I've never seen a burrowing owl; don't even think we have them here in Newfoundland, Canada. But I do love owls in general.

Penelope Notes

Sunrise walls. How awesome. Wow, the signage tells a remarkable story of the depth of the damage. With weather extremes becoming regular events, the most lucrative industry will be restoration.


Sorry for late comment. Now, I'm back from my surgery...

...and it's again a great pleasure that your post being part at


Greetings by Heidrun

handmade by amalia

How wonderful! This is the life! Enjoy!!!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Great capture of that little owl! Such a pretty bird with its white brows and spotted feathers. The color of the skies are the exact shade of your walls - so beautiful. So nice to see the recovery progress from the devastating hurricane. You must love having a new washer/dryer and air conditioning. Enjoy your camping trip! x K

 My Corner of the World

Great image, I always love seeing the other side of the world :) I liked Picasa because I could tag the photos without interrupting the order they were in. Now I use Photoscape ( http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php ). It's quite east to use and there is a free version that does a lot of editing.

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

Villroses hage

Love the owl!

dee Nambiar

Looks like some beautiful days out there.
Nice to know that the area is recovering well. :)

Happy Spring!!

Sharon Wagner

I finally saw my first burrowing owl on Marco last November. I wish you could see the photos of them in an Arizona magazine in our rental. So cute! Thanks for your wonderful comment from your last visit. So heartwarming!


...Hurricane Inn, what a name!

Veronica Lee

Such a beautiful owl!

I am delighted to hear that things are getting back to normal.

Hugs and blessings, Sallie.


Wonderful Sallie, both the news of your home repairs finished and news of your wanderings. I loved seeing the owl.

William Kendall

A beautiful owl.


Sallie, there was a lot of good news updates in this post and so nice to read. The wall color is really nice and does look like the sunset views no matter if the color is apricot or peach. Congrats on the new iPone too, which model did you get? Picasa was a great little program and I too was sorry that it's no longer supported. There are other free ones available, so sure you will find one to replace it, but it's always another project to do.


Sallie - so glad to hear things are getting back to normal. I can't imagine being a business owner and having to (regularly?) repair or even rebuild. I love your "Florida Sunrise" color! Enjoy your R&R!


Beautiful photo of the owl. He's a handsome fellow! Have a grand week!


Glad that things are getting "back to normal". Sounds like you have been very busy. Love the owl picture. Enjoy your trip!

ellen b.

Ordinary is underrated. It really is a necessary part of life, me thinks! :) Glad you are enjoying some of the renovations. How nice that the restaurant has recovered. Have a beautiful week!


I love to see that owl. Very nice. Have a good week.


Love the cute Burrowing Owl. It is nice to refresh the home with some colorful paint. Pretty sky images. I am glad the restaurant was able to renovate and reopen for business. Take care, have a wonderful week!

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