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May 21, 2023



hope you had safe travels back to Oregon.


Loving all the photos and I see from your post after this that you are heading back to Oregon. Wishing you a marvelous journey and I look forward to seeing more photos in July sometime. Happy travels my friend 😊


I know from your most recent post, Sally, that you are heading back to your Oregon home, and that comments are closed there, so this comment is to wish you safe travels. I enjoyed seeing the photos from your time at the Canal Cottage and it was good to read that not only were the necessary repairs completed but that you also had time to enjoy yourselves.

Sharon Wagner

Have a safe trip! Catch up and catch all later gator.

Traude "Rostrose"

Dear Sally,
I wasn't able to comment at the newest post so I'm writing you here.
I wish you a nice long-way home after all the busy days at the Canal Cottage - and of course I will cross my fingers for you too that such damage will never happen again.
All the best and have a nice June 🌻🌼🌻!
PS: What a sad story about Harriet - luckily she had a good paternal partner!

Coloring Outside the Lines

It is really amazing how the father took over, but sad she never returned. Love the little rabbit!

Cathy Keller

Thank you for this post. I really enjoyed the photo of the bunny. He is darling! Have a grand weekend!

Soma @ InkTorrents.com

I read about the eagles with a sigh. Nature is caring and sad at the same time. Such a wonderful father taking care of the eaglets so well. Looks like you are also making it better after the hurricane. I am glad you are taking time to rest as well. I would love to see the gnarly Royal Poinciana tree in person. A beautiful and reflective post, Sallie!


Lorrie Orr

I'm glad the eaglets survived the disappearance of their mother. Taking time off to rest once in awhile is a very good thing. We are trying to do that as we continue work on the renovation of our home. So glad your canal cottage is in tiptop shape once again!

David Gascoigne

It's really heartwarming to know that the male eagle did extra duty to ensure that the youngsters in the nest successfully fledged. It's almost certain that Harriet met a bad end since her maternal instincts would have been far too strong to permit her to simply abandon her young. We'll never know, will we? I expect you will soon be back home on Oregon, Sallie, and we'll look forward to reports from there.

Lavender Dreams

I'm so happy to hear you are getting your home back in good shape after all the terrible damage. I know it's a relief for you both but we have to 'pace ourselves'! Love the photos of the sky and the sweet bunny. The weather is so gorgeous right now! ENJOY!


Sallie - I am so glad Canal Cottage is better than pre-hurricane status, and I sure hope it stays that way for years to come. It is such a blessing to have a handy husband that can take care of so many of those projects .... How sad to hear about Harriet - quite the mystery, right?

Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier this month, and for leaving a comment!

Michelle Keltner

I am glad the eaglets survived. My 2nd grade class once watched an eagle cam that didn't turn out so well :( I also like see the rabbit. Thanks for linking up.


Cute bunny 🐰

Adam Jones

Sad to hear to the females demise, but very heart warming that the chicks fledged safely.

Shiju Sugunan

Great read! The photos are wonderful. The eagle story is particularly moving.


Hello Sallie,
I am so happy the eaglets survived and are carrying on the family line. The bunny is a cutie. Love the sky captures. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.


It was nice to read that Bill was able to do so many of the cottage repairs and that it is even better than before the storm and hope all continues to be well. Nice update on the eagle activity and how the eaglets survived the loss of the mom eagle, but that dad took over. Getting away is always good as we well know and we try to do it whenever we can!


That is a good story about the father eagle finishing his task of raising the kids all alone after the mother vanished.

You asked if I put dressing on a salad of avocado and clementines -- actually I just used lemon juice and some fresh parsley.

best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Linda W

Lovely scenes! I am so glad the eaglets did well.


Beautiful photos and post. Very interested in the eagles, and the neglected plants look lovely!

Peter B.

Beautiful skies! I was glad to hear about the happy ending with the eaglets.

Penelope Notes

So true ... nice to look down sometimes. Great sights when looking up but then you do miss the bunny rabbits at your feet. :)


Hello Sallie :=)
I love your Potpourri of sky shots and I'm glad you got the necessary repairs done, which is much more important than taking time to get just the right photo of the eagles. I am so sorry to read about Harriet, but what a great job the male Eagle did of rearing the eaglets all on his own, and the youngsters fledged successfully. Aren't birds amazing!

The Royal Poinciana tree has such bright colourful and beautiful blooms.I have never heard of it before. The Havanna restaurant with two n's looks enticing and I'm glad you enjoyed your meal.
Take good care Sallie and by best wishes-
All the best

Ellen Bayles

What a blessing that Bill was able to do so much. How wonderful that things are so improved on your Canal Cottage. That is sad about mama eagle. Hard to imagine it's 'end of season' already. Hope the rest of your week and Memorial Weekend is peaceful for you!

Suzan Batz

I so enjoy your gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing.
You commented on what my flower was...wish I could give you a clipping for your own. The flowers sure don't last long..now they are all shriveled and going away.


...I would love to have eagle neighbors!

::: Heidrun

Sad, hearing about Harriet!

There are many interestings things here to see, to read. I enjoyed your post so much, dear Sallie.

Thank you for sharing and being part at

Have a wonderful week.
Greetings and hugs by Heidrun


I'm so happy your cottage is better than ever now. I still worry about Fort Meyers area; it was always a wonderful place to visit. I have a question for you - I'm considering moving further south in a few years. Is your resort an all-year one? Would it be a good place to live permanently? Thanks for your updates - I always enjoy your slice of Florida.

Veronica Lee

Happy to hear that your cottage is back in order.

Gorgeous photos as always, Sallie.

I especially love the sky shots.

Hugs and blessings


I'm glad you got your cottage repaired so well.
I love all the colorful skies you captured. Kind of cool about the eagles keeping on after the mother disappeared.
I love the Havanna Cafe, it looks like it has a great vibe.
I love your bright, messsy, Royal Poinciana tree. I've never seen anything like it.


Beautiful skies! I love that rabbit and the story about the eagles. Enjoy the week!

A ShutterBug Explores

Wonderful nature shots ~ love the bunnie and the eaglets ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Linda P

Nature is amazing. I found the account about the eagles very interesting and loved seeing the poinciana tree with those orange flowers. Left to grow naturally it's beautiful.

Life Images by Jill, West AUstralia

ah we have Poinciana trees in our north west. I wonder if they are the same variety. So beautiful. Enjoy your week. Life seems to be too busy.

Gillena Cox

Wow i particularly luv the skies
Have a nice week.

Mine is HERE



Good you got your cottage sorted, I've never seen an eagle, what a fascinating experience, we only have hawks here but they do a great job of cleaning up.


I'm so glad to hear that you have your canal cottage back in order, Sallie and now you can both relax awhile. We have had a wet cool spring in Colorado but it is fine with me as I'm not one to tolerate heat well. I'm sad to hear about Harriet--I wonder what happened to her? I'm glad the eaglets survived with good Dad eagle care.

Dina Johnston

Love the shots of the nest. So sad about Harriet. Glad to hear you were able to get your home repaired. So sad that so many people are still waiting. I have a friend who's parents live down there and just last month were able to get their house demolished (complete loss). Now they wait for months to get the rebuilding started.


Beautiful red flowers! I'm pleased the eaglets were able to thrive even with the loss of their mother.


As always, you have some wonderful photos! Thank you and have a grand week!

Juliet (Crafty Green Poet)

It's sad that the mother eagle was lost, but amazing that the male reared the eaglets to adulthood! The rabbit is very cute too.


I am glad to hear the eaglets survived, with the help of the adult male. The sky photos are beautiful. Love the cute rabbit. Take care, have a wonderful new week.


Hi Sally…… I used to watch bird cams, but there was too much stress in becoming attached and there is enough that goes on here in the yard that can be upsetting like our yard geese, losing all of their eggs a week before they should’ve hatched… Michelle

William Kendall

Terrific shots. My favourite is that wascally wabbit.

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