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July 09, 2023


Lavender Dreams

What an awesome trip! I love the photos of the old buildings but family photos are the best!

Debra Ferguson

AWESOME!! how beautiful prague is, and how lucky you were to have your own private tour guides. i can't wait to hear more!!

Suzan Batz

How wonderful to visit family in such a beautiful place.
Sometimes it is hard to get back in the groove again.
I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of your travels too.

Heidrun 🌻🌻🌻

Good evening dear Sallie. Thank you for sharing your Trip with us. There are such lovely photos with the family πŸ’ž It seems you had a fantastisc time in Europe, in Prague.

And thank you too for your several comments and good wishes. Glad you can smile - me too - with Hildegard von Bingen.

Best wishes by Heidrun (alias Erica= my second name)

Michelle Keltner

This looks so wonderful with family traveling together! I love it! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.


What a great and wonderful adventure you experienced. Beautiful photos, Sallie. I look forward to seeing more of this adventure.


Prague is a beautiful city filled with history and remarkable architecture. Being with family on the trip makes it even more outstanding. I'm looking forward to your future posts on it.


Prague is a special place that I wish I could spend more time in. I visited it once for a couple of days. I'll be looking forward to your photos.

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!


I love how you guys do the diagonal migration.

Your photos of Prague look wonderful. Happy photos with the family.

Ken Schneider

What a delightful family experience. Love the street scenes and all the happy faces. Welcome home!


Great pictures.

Peter B.

Your time spent there was probably much richer than the average tourist sees. Wonderful photos!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great clouds.

David Gascoigne

I have a friend who is adamant that Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe. Knowing that I am not a fan of cities he emphatically said, "Even you would like it!" That sealed the deal for him!

Coloring Outside the Lines

How exciting!Those old castles are fascinating and would be such to explore. We are watching the tour de france here at home and I always wonder what those castles look like from inside- beautiful I am sure. Welcome back to the U.S.!


You did take the long way home! And that's wonderful.
Enjoy OR. Enjoy the summer. :)


Welcome back!


Your trip looks fascinating, and I’m anticipating some great photos and blog posts to round out the little you shared here. Welcome home!
best,mae at maefood.blogspot.com

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh what a wonderful family time and beautiful photos!

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


You two are SUCH adventurers. I am so very impressed and happy for you. A lovely visit to what sounds like a lovely place.


Welcome back. Prague is a great city. Unfortunately I had a bad dose of bronchitis when I was there. You were so lucky to have family to show you around. Do they live in Prague.

Veronica Lee

Welcome back, Sallie!
Looks like a wonderful trip.
I enjoyed seeing all these lovely photos.

Hugs and blessings


what a better way than to have local guides! Prague is a great city.


Welcome back, Sallie! What a wonderful time you had. Our son visited Prague when he graduated college, among other countries on a backpacking trip and had wonderful experiences there. I hope to see it myself one day!


Looks like an amazing trip

ellen b.

Oh Sallie, your time in Europe sounds amazing. How very wonderful to have personal family guides to a beautiful city like Prague and then to enjoy a river cruise. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Looking forward to how your brain puts the trip together on your blog pages! :)


...as a kid walking to school, I would take long short cuts and be late to school. This looks like a fabulous trip.


Welcome back, Sallie, and what a wonderful adventure you have had once again! I can well imagine that it could take some time to organize all your wonderful memories of time soent with family and look forward to reading more about them in the future. And, of course, learning more about the Viking cruise. We will be doing our own long distance traveling this fall.

Thank you also for your recent comment on my post and the nice compliment, both were much appreciated.


Oh my goodness, what a fantastic trip Sallie!!! And to be with your sweet family also. Thank you for all these lovely photos and I look forward to seeing more as time allows. Welcome Home!!!


Prague is such an old historical country, so much history, hope you had an amazing holiday there.


Hi Sallie
What a lovely trip you had! The pictures are lovely, and it’s good you had such an enjoyable time after all your repairing work at the Canal cottage.

Penelope Notes

Oh, wow, what a journey and seems you have family now in Europe which is fantastic. And the cherry on top is that cute little great-grandchild. Looking forward to seeing more of this adventure now you're back home.


Hello Sallie,

Wonderful photos of your trip and your family. I must have missed something, it sounds like your grandchildren are living in Prague, or was everyone just visiting? Looking forward to more of your trip and cruise. Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

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