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July 16, 2023


Michelle Keltner

A river cruise is something we have been considering and you make it look great. Thanks for linking up!


Wow--we heard so much about Prague from our son, who years ago backpacked throughout Europe the summer he graduated from college. Prague was at the top of the list of his favorite places and experiences. Your photos and experiences show us that it is truly a very beautiful place to visit.

We have not tried a river cruise as yet ...hopefully, one day that will become a reality for us! We heard very good things about Viking.


...Sallie, you sure had a fabulous trip, thanks for taking me along to see the sights.

A ShutterBug Explores

River Cruise looks wonderful and beautiful ~ such an adventure ~

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Jm, Illinois, U.S.A.

I so enjoyed the cyber tour. Wonderful photos.


I enjoyed seeing the photos of some of your trip experiences, Sallie, and know you will be sharing more in future posts. It takes time to get everything sorted. We have considered a Viking cruise so I would be very interested to read about how you enjoyed yours. We will be traveling abroad in Sept and Oct so I will have experiences to share as well.


It is a beautiful city with lots to see. It is a few years since I visited and I loved seeing your photos. Look forward to more.


Thank you for kindly bringing us along. Aloha


It's nice to see some photographs of Prague as I'm going to visit this city in October.

The young say it's only a six hours from where we live ... ;-)

I have a colleague at work who grew up in Czechoslovakia (born in the early 70ies) and has good memories about her childhood which does not relate to what we read in the newspapers and were taught in school back then.

Have fun with going through the photographs.


Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Looks like a wonderful trip! Love the photos of the city from the hill with all the red rooftops. So pretty. Scrolled down to see your previous post of the beautiful city and sweet family photos. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip! x K

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Peter B.

It does look like a gorgeous city, and looks like you are making the most of it! Love those hillside views, and looking forward to future posts!


More beauty from your vacation - lovely

Ken Schneider

You obviously are enjoying the immersion in the culture. Very impressive views of the city and points of interest.


It sounds like a fabulous holiday, a place we have never been to. Thanks so much for your visit, Cheers Diane

Penelope Notes

Love the cultural flavors conveyed in the restaurant pictures as well as those orange rusty-red roofs, reminding me of Italy. :)

Sharon Hein

Looking good! Welcome back to your "second" home.

Traude "Rostrose"

Dear Sallie, you weren't that far away from us! We live just a few hours from Prague. It really is a beautiful city - I want to go back. My ancestors come from the Czech Republic, but because the "Iron Curtain" used to exist, traveling there was not possible for a long time, so I only got to know the country a few years ago (far too little). Thank you for your travelogue!
And thank you too for telling me the story of the newly fledged songbird that made you miss a whole morning at work. I would have done it the same way - wouldn't have wanted to make the poor animal suffer (and poop all over the room πŸ˜‰)...
All the best from Austria, Traude

Linda P

Glad you are back home after a wonderful family trip. The photos are great! A river cruise sounds a relaxing way to travel.

::: Heidrun

You make me travel urge with your post. We should visit Prague too. It`s again a pleasure seeing your post at the linkparty.

Thank your being part at

Hugs by Heidrun

Sharon Wagner

A Viking cruise used to be at the top of my bucket list! Have fun! We gave up on that dream mostly due to the fact that we like to travel with more flexability with dining times, etc. The schedules seemed exhausting, too. The wine and dine and local fancy food sounds so good though.


Marvelous! Loved all these photos and look forward to the next ones. Thanks Sallie, what a great experience this must have been.


I would like to go to that cruise


You sound like you had a great tour. The view from the hill is spectacular.

Veronica Lee

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
The dinner looks amazing.
And the views are spectacular!

Hugs and blessings, Sallie

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!


Sounds like you had a great time! The dinner sounds wonderful and the view from the hill is gorgeous, too. And I'm sure the funicular ride was exciting, too. :)

Suzan Batz

Oh my what a dream trip. The countryside is lovely. I do have a bit of cruise envy!!


Looks like fun to me. The phoos from the hill in Prague look wonderful. Glad to hear the public transportation is free for seniors.


What fantastic photos of Prague. Thanks for sharing and have a great week.


...Sallie, you sure had a beautiful trip. I love seeing the red tile roofs. Thanks for taking me along for the tour.


What beautiful views! I'm a bit nervous in elevators too but I once got stuck in one in Paris and have been a bit cautious around them ever since.

Alycia Quilts

What a great trip and wonderful experience

Little Wandering Wren

You're taking me back to my last trip to Prague, how lovely to be there with the family. We took the Funicular up and walked down and yes those views are worth it huffing and puffing up how ever you make it to the top!
Have a lovely week.
Wren x


That's one very very old country. A branch of my father's family came from Poland. Yep i'd definitely love to go there for a visit.

Ellen Bayles

A great way to enjoy the city in an apartment and close to family. How wonderful. If I would ever go on a cruise it would be a river cruise, not an ocean cruise. I'm a fan of seeing shoreline!! Good for you for taking the elevator and the funicular! You really did see some beautiful views.

Jennifer A. Jilks

So many people are traveling! We drove an hour away on Saturday!
I read about a Funicular in a mystery novel. I totally forget what it was!


A brilliant trip, so interesting to read about. Huge compliments to the Planner!

Lorrie Orr

Hello Sallie,
What wonderful photos of Prague. We visited in 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed all the history, some of it very sad. Have a great week!


Hello, Sallie

Your River Cruise and trip look awesome. It sounds fun, the experience of a family style dinner. The views are gorgeous.
Wonderful trip photos! Take care, have a wonderful week!

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