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August 27, 2023


William Kendall

Exquisite locales!


Great pictures.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

The photos you did take are beautiful, Sallie, and it sounds like you were able to make the best of an unexpected situation on your trip! A really interesting history there, and tragic in so many ways, but the beauty of the countryside is breathtaking. Such a wonderful trip. x K

Linda W

Too bad about the low water. We are in a drought here.

Photo Cache

Oh how wonderful. I have always wanted to do a river cruise one day. I cannot wait to read more about it.

I agree. We have to be flexible when traveling because our best laid plans don't always go according to plan.

Michelle Keltner

I agree that being flexible while traveling is key. Things happen and it sounds like Viking handled it quite well. Thanks for linking up.


The Meissner birds are amazing! Wow.


Thanks, Sallie, for sharing more photos of your travels abroad this summer. It was unfortunate that the camera battery gave out, which reminded me to charge my spare as we are leaving for our trip abroad on Friday, destination Amalfi, Italy. It was unfortunate that the lower water levels prohibited river cruising but at least the company was well prepared and had alternate plans. You are so right that things happen on which there is no human control.


Absolutely lovely photos from your river cruise, Sallie.
Would love to visit a porcelain factory.
Enjoy the weekend...

Veronica Lee

Your cruise sounds amazing, Sallie.
The views are stunning.

Hugs and blessings


You were fortunate to be travelling with a large company than can cope with the unexpected or perhaps inevitable side of climate change. I have never visited that part of Germany and fro the river the scenery looks stunning with many interesting g buildings.

// Heidrun

A historical Tour, especially Wittenberg remembering on Luther. And of course, I love river cruising. It isn't easy but very intensive. What an adventure. I read with great pleasure, dear Sallie.

Have a wonderful week, hugs by Heidrun


wow what an exciting time you had. I must say I've never heard of a viking river cruise, but I'd do it if I could.


I have heard that many European rivers were low in the past few years because of drought. It seems the same weather problems from climate change are occurring worldwide. I know my husband's relatives who live in northern Italy are very concerned that the Alps are warming and not getting as much snow as they need.
Your cruise does sound wonderful though. We have friends who sailed on Viking and also have all good things to say about it. You visited such interesting places. It is our dream to do a Viking Cruise one day


...cruising the river looks like a lovely adventure. Having seen the Antique Roadshow many times, Meissen is a name that I know.

Jennifer Jilks

I never thought about such cruises, and water levels. What an adventure.

Linda P

I felt as if I was on the river cruise myself from your photos and account. Shame about the photos taken but lost, but I'm sure your memory of that part of the tour compensates. I've never been on a cruise. It sounds a lovely, relaxing way to travel.

ellen b.

The changing of the ships was impressive on the part of Viking. That's too bad about your camera battery in Dresden. Smiling about those 'best photos ever' with your dead battery. Flexibility in this world of ours is important for sure. Enjoy the last few days of August!


Hello Sallie

Wonderful photos from your river cruise. It is interesting how they were able to change ships due to the river's water level. The views from the river are beautiful. Take care, have a great day and happy week!

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