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August 17, 2023


::: Heidrun

We heard about in the News. The wildfire around the world are scary. What can we do against? We discuss with our friends about this...

...dear Sallie, I admire your wonderful picts.

Happy MosaicMonday ... on Friday too.

Thank you again for sharing, dear blogfriend and being part of

Wish you a wonderful week, hugs by Heidrun

David M. Gascoigne

I think it’s entirely reasonable, based on science and not on the puerile utterances of politicians, that wildfires are going to become more frequent, more widespread and more severe. I am beginning to wonder what will be left to burn a few years from now.

Stewart M

Everywhere seems so hot - its not a surprise is it. Our winter has been much dryer and a little milder than normal. Its not a good sign.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Lovely pictures. We've had air quality alerts also, and I'm in Ohio. Thus far though the summer hasn't been particularly hot, well until about a week ago. And today we're under a heat advisory, so it's good I got the yard mowed yesterday. Take care and drink lots of water.

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Beautiful pictures! The wildfires are scary.


i, like you, are home more than it seems from my blog. i enjoy being home. some events i blog about are short, one hour trips, the pictures taken can make up an entire post!!

we've had a very hot and humid summer too, poor air quality also which kept us indoors!!

that image with the tiger swallowtail is so pretty, i have 2 butterfly bushes that are the same color. i too am grateful for my memories and the pretty pictures that remind me how lucky i am...you too!!


That tree look fascinating. It must have been fun to photograph it. There are some interesting trunks like that on California's Central Coast too. :)
Enjoy your West Coast months! I hope the air clears up soon.
Take care. :)

Veronica Lee

Looks like Mother Nature is wreaking havoc with the weather everywhere with wildfires burning in so many countries.

Beautiful photos as always, Sallie.

Stay cool!


A beautiful post and lovely photos. It is hot here as well. Take care, Diane


Our friends who live in Springfield, OR, have been sending some photos showing the smokey skies and told us about the heat wave. We have been fortunate in Nashua, NH, to have not had such a hot summer, but have had some smokey days. Thank goodness for shade trees and AC. Thanks for the recent comments on my blog posts, Sallie.

Michelle Banks

Yes...hot summer hear too..that and smoke from fires up in Canada...scary...Michelle


Happy that the temps are going down at least for a a few days. Air quality is getting better. My air purifier is staying in the green. Hopefully I will be at the coast in a couple of weeks with Julie and Lisa. Love your pics as always.


Beautiful photos, Sallie! I love the sun-bleached tree trunk photo so much--that is something that always catches my eye on nature walks. Being by the shore looked delightful. It was warmed up here this week but up to now, Colorado's weather has been a lot cooler than last summer, which has been very nice.


wow lots of lovely summer colour, about the only thing flowering here right now is um....nothing. Mind you it feels like Spring so hopefully we will have some colour soon.

::: Heidrun

Yes, we melting too. It`s summer - of course - but in several countries the climate changed in dramatically way. Most of the time of the day we stay inside...

...I enjoyed your captures of the coast, the animals and of course the gate to the parc.

Wish you a wonderful week.
Hugs by Heidrun

PS: The Streets of San Francisco calling me...

Lavender Dreams

It's been a hard summer for so many with heat and fires and smoke. I got out this morning and it wasn't too bad. I do love planning day trips too for the Fall. Love your photos. You take the best close ups!


So many problems — our world is really in trouble. Good to hear that you are enjoying at least some of the summer happiness.
best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Thank you for the lovely blog with gorgeous photos. What a beautiful garden. I feel really sorry for you all, those wildfires and the extreme weather. When can you expect regular rains again? Not until autumn?

Traude "Rostrose"

Dear Sallie,
It's sad but you're probably right that wildfires and extreme heat are now becoming the norm in summer. And also the other extreme - flooding (as just recently in large parts of our country) - is becoming "normal"... Nevertheless, rainforests are still being cut down and nature is being concreted over, and water and energy are being wasted without a thought for tomorrow.
Let's get back to your fond memories - you brought back wonderful photos from your son-in-law and daughter's yard and your trip to the Coast. The plants at Shore Acres State Park look gorgeous!
All the best from Austria and have a nice weekend

colleen Looseleaf

It's pretty serious when Oregon is as hot as Florida. I want to smell that butterfly bush, the best fragrance, or at least up there with a fragrant rose.

David M. Gascoigne

Stay safe, Sallie. Those wildfires are getting too close for comfort.

Shiju Sugunan

I hope you're staying safe from the wildfires. Your photos are lovely, especially the flowers, butterflies, coastline, gardens, and mural.


Hello Sallie,
Love the beautiful butterflies and the flowers. The Oregon coastline and the gardens are beautiful. I hope you and your family stay safe from the wildfires. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

Michelle Keltner

Well, I agree with being thankful for air conditioning. I grew up without it and know I don't want to live without it! Lovely photos and I hope your air quality improves. Thanks for linking up.

Penelope Notes

That uprooted tree looks like it's about to start walking away from the forest. A great find. In our home, it's about ten degrees cooler downstairs than it is upstairs and we have lots of shade trees for which I'm grateful, but they do need watering.


It seems like everybody is having hot weather these days. With the bad air to go along with it, yes stay inside!!
Love your "alternate photos" The Oregon coast is beautiful.

Peppylady (Dora)

It been hot.
Coffee is on, and stay safe.

Jennifer Jilks

Nice to read about your regular activities, except for the heat! We've so many fires on this side of the border.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Sorry about the heat- we are melting in it also..I am sick of summer, but I say this every single year..I hate summer! Love the flowers, flutters and that tree...WOW. Have a great and hopefully cooler weekend.

Peter B.

Sorry to hear about your sizzling weather. We're getting ready for some serious rain and possible flooding in a couple days. Your photos of Simpson Beach are beautiful!


Lovely views to see on a chilly, wet day in the UK Midlands! It’s actually about 16c., but breezy and raining heavily. We’ve had some warm days, but with sun, cloud and showers.
I don’t know how you cope with your present temperatures! I’ve air/con in a bedroom and lounge but never dreamed of present occasional temperatures.


I hope you stay cool and safe from those wildfires.
The photos and beautiful, love the flowers and butterflies, the gorgeous coastline scenes, the lovely gardens and the mural is beautiful. Take care, have a great day and happy weekend!


THis is such a happy post! Love the vibrant pictures! Summers in India are long...especially in New Delhi. It's not cool until November!

ellen b.

What a wonderful donation to the state that beautiful property is. We're spending time inside here, too. We just got very smoky skies from fires in Canada. We are so happy to have air conditioning. Love your photos from earlier in the summer.

Photo Cache

Nice to hear that you are safe from the fires. Hope you're doing well.


Oh goodness, that heat! I hope you are able to stay cool. I have never seen anything like that tree before, it's captivating. Many wonderful sightings here Sallie and thank you for sharing them.

William Kendall

Beautiful floral colours!

Lydia C. Lee

Lovely blue skies tho. #Skywatch (and if you see this Yogi, your pic is just lovely!)


Our air here in the Rogue Valley isn't so bad, but, boy, has it been hot! 105, 109. Supposed to be cooler, but even the 90s feels hot. Lovely coast photos. I wish I were there right now.

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