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September 03, 2023



Hiya! I hopped over from Sandy's Space and saw the Newport posts. You've really captured the beauty of the Oregon coast. Newport looks to be such a treasure.


Wonderful photo's. Have driven the coast road a few years back with my daughter and you're right it's quite beautiful. Had to laugh about not possible to get a photo of one Sea Lion, cause we tried too! They really love company. Glad you had such a great time. Look forward to round two.


ooooh how fun!! i love when towns offer scenic overlooks, we always pull over for those. they are a great place to fill your soul and stretch your legs!! you captured some beautiful scenes, i like the scant view of the lighthouse and of course the sea lions!!

pretty starfish!! what a great way to end your day!!

Michelle Keltner

Those coastal views are stunning! Thanks for linking up.

Lavender Dreams

How nice to get out and take advantage of the places nearby! I love those beautiful sea lions! Looks like a perfect day indeed! The weather here is improving and it sure has been nice to get out on the trails more! Hugs!


Your photos sure make me want to leave my Oregon valley and head to the coast!

Coloring Outside the Lines

Oh how fun to see the sea lions! Thanks for sharing from your trip.


The sea lions and otters make me laugh - so thanks to you, Sallie, for making me laugh with your photos. Have a Lovely WE!

William Kendall

The sea lions are quite a sight.


We stayed in Newport for a week several years and loved it. As you show there is so much to see and do close by especially outdoors things like the tide pools and looking at sea lions and such. Plus the food was great. We were able to spot spouts of whales way off in the distance one day.


That looks like a great trip to the edge of the sea! I love the sealions.
best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Beautiful photos Sallie! Hubby and I often talk of another trip to the Oregon Coast. Wonderful sightings of the birds and the sea lions. The tidal pool has many beautiful marine animals and plants.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

Iris Flavia

What a great trip - such cute animals and a wonderful parting shot.

Shiju Sugunan

Great post! Loved the Newport trip and your photos.

Photo Cache

Finally a post that I'm familiar with. I have been there once during the first Oregon road trip we took.

Worth a Thousand Words

Peter B.

So much beauty! I've only been to that area once, but would sure like to go back!


Thank you for your nice comment.

Yes... I'm late again to answer. This week was busy and therefore the joy reading here in calm is now greater than ever.

What a lovely Post for Summer. It makes mood for holiday.

Thank you for sharing At

Hugs by Heidrun

Jm, Illinois, U.S.A.

What an wonderful coastline. Nice images.


That's the kind of coastline I love, it looks so wild ! I would travel so much but I can't. After a mile I am breathless and have to sit down. That's now a year that I have this probably the shock the doctor says and the COPD.

Pisi Prkl

I really like the ending photo. Nice catch.


Good shots.


What a beautiful place.
Wonderful colourful starfish in the pools.
So fun to see.

Robin Henderson

I like that town. Nice to see the healthy Pisaster ochraceus. They took a tremendous beating here in Washington from the plague. It's possible the marine center has some kind of filtering or something that keeps theirs safe, but our public aquariums here lost all of theirs. Anyway, here's hoping your populations are holding their own.

Michelle Banks

Beautiful photos Sally, and nice to see you in nature notes…

Lydia C. Lee

Gorgeous work. I thought the zoomed in shot was underwater and dead coral (clearly something on Australians minds with global warming). Love the sea lions. So gorgeous and the starfish shots are great with the colourful spikey anenomies...(?). I can see why you chose to play around there with your camera. #MCoW


Each and every photo was very interesting, but my favorites were the seals. I love seals! The photos from the science center were fascinating too, but all photos make me feel like I am traveling right along with you. Thanks Sallie!


...I've enjoy the Oregon coast a number of time, but never went soth of Tillamook. Thanks Sallie for stopping by, enjoy your week.

Penelope Notes

What a wonderful few days. It's good and promising to see so much wildlife seemingly thriving in and around the sea.

Melody Jacob

an enjoyable excursion to the coast that yielded some beautiful photographs


Veronica Lee

Fabulous photos, Sallie.
I especially loved seeing the ocean life in those rockpools.

Hugs and blessings


The Oregan coast looks very inviting. You packed a lot in on your short visit. I think I would have wanted to just sit and watch those pelicans.


Beautiful photos, Sallie! I love seeing the ocean and sea creatures -brings back memories


LOVE seeing the ocean life you have in your rockpools there. We have the same but different colours. The sea urchin is called Kina here, many people break open the spiky shells and eat the flesh inside which is very nice in a piece of toast. Your coastline is lovely btw, reminds me of parts of New Zealand.

ellen b.

Those tide pool photos are so pretty as is the evening view of the bridge. Hooray for days at the seashore! Happy Labor Day!

Linda P

An interesting trip to the coast with wonderful photos of the area and the creatures you saw there. The water at the marine centre looks very clear.


Looks like a fantastic getaway! I love the Oregon Coastline and exploring the tidal pools is fun. Great sighting of the Pelicans, Common Murre and the Sea lions. Beautiful sunset. Take care, have a happy day and a great new week!


Wow what an amazing break you had. A lovely coastline.

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