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September 10, 2023



Very much enjoyed, photos and reading. Thanks Sallie!

Veronica Lee

Looks like a fantastic getaway.
Dinner at the brewery sounds fun!

Hugs and blessings, Sallie


Maybe the next time, you will take that long road trip to Boston, Sallie, a mere 3,365+ miles. The Newport,Oregon site looked like a great place to be and whatr a terrific sunset view as well!

Stewart M

I love visiting breweries - a chance to try a local ale is always good and rarely rejected!


Michelle Keltner

We are heading to Boston in a few weeks for some travels up the east coast. Beautiful photos! Thanks for linking up.

Linda W

It looks like a nice place. Thanks for the tour.


I love seaside towns. Our son did contratc work for NOAA for a short time when he worked in Washington DC.


Looks like a great area.
Glad you were able to get a reservation.


That's funny, we also have a Newport at the Belgian coast !
In my "castle" there are a lot of activities and you can organize some yourself, I found already Scrabble player and painters, and we even make daily travels. I wished I had already everything behind me, moving at 80 is not the same then at 22 !!

Jennifer Jilks

I do like marinas!

© Roentare

Love that beautiful sunset!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great looking spot.

Penelope Notes

Sounds like another great getaway! Hope for the future springs a little lighter in me when I learn of scientists in the thick of things doing valuable oceanic research.

Peter B.

I love this area, and would really like to visit again. Thanks for the memories!


...US Route 20 is the long US Route in the country. It is a bit south of wre we live.

Peter B.

Gorgeous area. I really want to visit the Oregon Coast again. Dinner at the brewery sounds like fun!

Iris Flavia

I sure would love to visit the brewery! Just today Ingo (hubby) asked if we wanna go, but I wasn´t in the mood as we had their beer last Saturday already.
Beautiful sunset!

::: Heidrun

Understand the enthusiasm very well. We like beer here too. By the way, on the weekend start the famous OKTOBERFEST in Munich...

...and of course, NOAA does an important work.

There are many other interestings things here to see, to read. I enjoyed your post.

Thank you for sharing and being part at

Have a wonderful week.
Greetings by Heidrun


That looks just beautiful — all of your trip to the coast! On our Columbia River trip we only saw the mouth of the river, quite.a bit up the coast from where you were, but I think the entire west coast is fabulous. Wish I could spend more time there!

best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com


what a great tour!! good that you found a spot last minute in a nice RV park, that was necessary!!wonderful images and an awesome sunset!!

Dina Johnston

Looks like a fun trip! You should make the trip to Boston (though maybe fly). It's a cool city with tons of history.

ellen b.

That would be quite the trip to take on Highway 20. I'll be scarce in bloggyworld till the very end of September. Stay well and see you in October!


Glad I was able to see that sunset in person for a change! We didn't make it to N0AA so happy to see your pics. Perfect weather!

Sharon Wagner

I've only been out East once. But it was fun, state hopping and being by the sea. You'll probably be heading back to Florida soon. :)

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