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October 08, 2023


Photo Cache

Looks like full-blown fall out there. I too have been very slow in documenting trips. Right now I am doing Israel which can be confusing to readers.

Worth a Thousand Words

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful colours.


We're just starting to turn down here in Southern Oregon. We had a late hot spell recently that messed things up! Your colors are lovely.

Michelle Keltner

This fall color is beautiful. Our trees are just now starting to turn. Thank you for linking up.

Kenneth C Schneider

Beautiful Autumn color. I hold out hope that New England will have bright foliage, but we have had heavy wind and lots of rain. Our single Aspen just turned to pale green and began to lose its leaves without turning bright yellow.


Sallie, thanks for the foliage tour of your neighborhood, always nice to see the areas where fellow bloggers live. Your colors already seem more vibrant than here in Nashua, NH

Peter B.

Wow, you have some glorious fall color in your neighborhood!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful surroundings - love the leaves, flowers, and nature

Penelope Notes

Love the vivid shades. "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." I couldn't agree more with Lucy Maude Montgomery.

Suzan Batz

Delightful Oregon Fall. Our trees here in the Sacramento valley are really slow turning this year. So much hot and no moisture. Hopefully there will be color soon.
Great photos of all your trees.


It looks glorious. I agree about living in a country that experiences all four seasons.


Nice to know that October did bring some color your way! Eugene must look great, now. What a lovely season fall is. Lovely pictures here!
Have a great fall (season, I mean) :)


Great to see so much of colour!

Lorrie Orr

Autumn colour is so magnificent. I enjoy scuffling in the leaves, too.

© Roentare

Wonderful autumn leaves turning. Beautiful sceneries.

Villroses hage

The trees never fail to kow it's Autumn. What wonderful colors!


Oh my, absolutely magnificent Sallie! I love this time of the year. Happy Fall!


...Eugene looks like a wonderful place to enjoy. Home is where the heart is.

Linda W

Beautiful! We have only a touch of fall colors so far.


You are a couple weeks ahead of us. We don't get too many reds either, lots of orange, yellow, and brown but you know I will take what I can get.
I haven't jumped in a pile of leaves in forever.
The people I hang out with now frown on raking a bagging leaves. They are habitat over the winter for a lot of critters. Fortunately my neighbors are fanatical leaf rakers and we have lots of wind in Oklahoma so our leaves end up on their yards. What is left over I run over with my mulching mower.

Alycia Quiltygirl

Oh but I do love the colors you got!! How pretty!

a spirit of simplicity

Beautiful fall foliage. We are just starting to see colour here.


Thanks for your comments. It's true I thought you are on road again all the time ! (and I was jealous) The huge tree looks beautiful, I still enjoy the green nature, sometimes a red leave tries to get through. In one month on the Nov 15 I will be in my new home ! I make the countdown !

ellen b.

You captured some lovely Autumn color. I'm so happy to enjoy Autumn in our corner of the world.


Hello Sallie :=) What a joyful post, the colours are so beautiful. October here is not yet showing signs of Autumn colours, just green and more green, which is lovely, I love green, but the trees we see mostly are conifers and they don't lose their leaves, but we have a few Oak trees which will eventually cover the ground with yellow and orange leaves.I'm glad I caught up with you Sally, and hope you and your hubby are well.
All the best

Lavender Dreams

Wow! There are so many beautiful trees there...and you know I love trees! Happy Fall my friend!


Beautiful fall color, Sallie! As you must know most of Colorado's tree color is yellow, gold and light orange. I miss the reds of maples and oak trees that I saw in the east.

Dina Johnston

Beautiful shots of the trees! I really miss seeing the colors in the fall.

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