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October 15, 2023


Veronica Lee

A glorious trip, Sallie!
I enjoyed the fascinating history and your captivating photos.

I'd love to visit Wittenberg.

Hugs and blessings

Suzan Batz

I do love when a guide can bring history to life and give you a few surprise informative spots along the way. I do like the idea of the floating hotel.

Peter B.

Wonderful that your guide made the local history come alive. Wittenberg looks really interesting!

a spirit of simplicity

What a wonderful trip! So much history and the beauty of being on the river.


Wonderful tour and photos. It is interesting to learn more about this historical Martin Luther House and museum. I agree about having a great tour guide. Take care, have a great day and a happy weekend!


Places like this (and great guides)take us to another time, another age. :)

Blogposts, too. Thank you. :)

Penelope Notes

Floating hotel describes a cruise perfectly … and so different from the times of Martin Luther. Homes turned into museums are such fun and informative when original items are maintained within.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Cool shots.

::: Heidrun

In school we learned about Martin Luther and Wittenberg ... and of course in our Religion education. It was here a journey in my childhood.

Thank you, dear Sallie, for this interesting post. And for sharing at

Have a wonderful week, hugs b Heidrun


As half of Germany is Lutherian and the other half is catholic, I know Luther's life by heart from the school in history ! but i have never been there. I will never do a river cruise again, we did it on the Danube. We had to leave the boat at 9 and then walk the afternoon you hang around and the boat navigated during night where you didn't see nothing. And it was a so said best company ! You were more lucky apparently !! I lost all energy to travel since Rick's passing. For the moment I am preparing to go into my "castle" which is a retirement home.


your floating hotel...i LOVE that!! these are some awesome images from your adventure...i think having a tour guide is the way to go!!


My sister and her family have taken several river cruises. I think that might be the cruise for me.
Interesting on the Luther house. I am not Lutheran but my dad's whole family is and on our yearly reunion in South Dakota the service at the old family church is big time Lutheran. I didn't grow up in it so I don't pay it as much attention as I should.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow ~ great photos of your adventure in time ~ thanks,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Hello Sallie:=)
Fascinating historical information.I'm so pleased you enjoyed your journey on the ship called the Viking, and your visit to Wittenburg. The clergyman Martin Luther and his wife seemed well suited and their portraits are well preserved. What a monumental task he undertook to translate the bible into German, a learned man instrumental in the reformation will never be forgotten as long as the museum pays homage to this remarkable man.
All the best Sallie.


Interesting history and narration.


Your tour of Luther's neighborhood sounds very interesting. Historic accounts always seem so distant. Going to places where the history happened is always enlightening.
best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com


...Sallie, thanks for thye history lesson.

Sharon Hein

Very interesting information about Martin Luther and his wife. I'm sure he never imagined the impact his life would have on history.


What a great trip.
So wonderful to see these this remarkable history.


It is interesting to visit a museum that instructs on a major world change like the Reformation. I'd like to visit and learn more about Luther.

ellen b.

It's always a joy to have a personable tour guide. Glad you got a good one here. Translating the Bible into the language of the people was such a monumental and beneficial thing to do then and now. Have a great week!

Lorrie Orr

Wittenberg would be an interesting place to visit. I wonder if Martin Luther had any inkling how his then-radical ideas would take root in the world and carry on to our modern day?

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