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March 10, 2024


Michelle Keltner

This is such an epic trip! I am enjoying your photos so much! Thank you for linking up.


Looks like a fantastic trip. I have missed your blog. Life started to make it too hard for me to continue blogging and visiting blogs.


Wonderful travel experience and beautiful photos.


Absolutely loving your cruise! It's fun traveling virtually with you. Happy Friday and weekend to you :)

Peter B.

Wow, I'm in awe! End of the Earth, the departing place for most Antarctic expeditions, and Faro Cabo de Hornos... what an amazing place to see and visit! Thanks for sharing your experience.


Very cool pictures.

Linda Walcroft

Awesome! Glad you got to go ashore.


I love old sailboats


Your post takes me back to our trip to that area. We were very fortunate and were able to go ashore at Cape Horn and visit the lighthouse and the officer in charge and his family. Link to my post (which I think you have seen) —

Our trip ended at Ushuaia and we spent a day in the town before being taken to the airport for our very long return flights. I’m looking forward to the rest of your trip!

best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

A ShutterBug Explores

Cape Horn ~ you have joined the historical explorers ~ great photos ~ thanks,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


These are beautiful thank you so much for sharing Aloha friend

Esmé Slabbert

You must have had an awesome trip. Cape Horn - love it (OK I am biased) as I am originally from that area.
I visited you via My Corner of the World
My link: 29. I hope you will join us and share your links with us at Wed-Sat at #WordlessWednesday (words welcome) https:// esmesalon. com / tag / wordlesswednesday/ See you soon.

veronica lee

What an incredible adventure, Sallie!
It must have been exhilarating to sail around Cape Horn, knowing its historical significance and the challenges sailors faced in the past.

Glorious photos as always!


Beautiful photos and narration.


That does look like a wild and wooly outpost. Your ocean pics look a little rough and ready as well.

I am like you. I don't have scrapbooks to put stuff in. I take pictures that one can index and find. No time for stuff any longer.

I have a friend and his wife who are doing a similar, but not the same voyage as you. I am following them on facebook and reading your posts. Love it.


An amazing experience. Writing a blog about it is a great way to record your travels.


...Sallie, this looks like an exciting trip, thanks for taking me along to see the sights.

ellen b.

Wowzers! There aren't many people who could say they went to the end of the earth. What an adventure. Celebrating New Year's Eve on a ship sounds unique and fun. Glad you made it there and back. :)

Lorrie Orr

What a journey! Loving all the sights you're showing us, and the commentary. So interesting. Have a great week!


Sallie, I am learning a lot just by reading your travel posts! I have never heard of or knew that Ushuaia Argentina is the southernmost city in the world. There is so much to see and learn about when we travel and since it will be impossible to see all the places that others oike yourself have journeyed to, I am thankful that you are dsharing your amazing trip, thanks.

Sharon Wagner

Land ho. Travel is the best way to go!


What an amazing cruise! I love the views of the national park and the Cape Horn Lighthouse. Wonderful photos! Take care, have a great day and a happy week!

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