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March 03, 2024



Such a delight to see these photographs and hear about your travels. I'm glad you could laugh about the rough seas experiences. Thank you so much for your message on my comment moderated blog. It meant a great deal to me.

Michelle Keltner

Funny how the penguins wait for one to go into the water! What a once in a lifetime experience this trip was. Thank you for linking up.


Oh my! Penguins. I love seeing them. Thanks for the share. Be well, Sallie!


A good choice to see the penguins. What an amazing opportunity to see them nesting. I would have hated that return trip though.

Shiju Sugunan

Wow, what a day! The penguins were fascinating, and the lighthouse sounds historic.


Wow what an amazing experience but I wouldn't have liked the rough sea. You are so good climbing up to the lighthouse and climbing ladders in the boat. Well done. The penguins are so cute.


I would've done the same too and picked the penguins. Last time I saw some was about a year ago at an aquarium in Auckland but it's not often we see them out in the wild.


Hello Sallie :=)
I would also have chosen to see the penguins and a boat trip to get to Magdalena Island, rather than a bus into town. I have only ever seen penguins in a zoo, so I would have been ecstatic to go to a Penguin Reserve, an island just for penguins and gulls.Your photos and commentary are wonderful. I enjoyed seeing this unique looking bird and the babies too.The "So so cute" picture is adorable. After reading about your rough journey back,it's just as well you are a good sailor, as although it sounded unpleasant you didn't seem fazed at all....it was just another adventure!
All the best

Lavender Dreams

A rough crossing? I would have been SO sick! But I'm glad you made it fine. The penquins are so cute. It's no wonder everyone loves them. They have such cute poses that it makes you want to write a story based on them!


Hello Sallie,
This was an adventure, I usually take sea sick pills before I go out on any boat. Love the views and lighthouse. The penguins steal the show, they are so darn cute. Great photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend.

Photo Cache

What an epic adventure.

Worth a Thousand Words


Such an adventure you had. I hate rough seas in boats. I love the penguins.


What an adventure being under penguins. This are such lovely animals. I admire your journey. And thank you for sharing at


Hugs by Heidrun

Peter B.

Sooooooo cute! Interesting about no one wanting to be the first in the water. I guess it makes for a good survival tactic (as long as your not first!).


This certainly was a great adventure for you Sallie, thanks for taking us along. Those penguins are incredibly cute, and the gull babies. Yikes on the catamaran trip and the poor man who fell overboard. Glad they were able to retrieve him safely. More great memories for you!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Fantastic post.

Veronica Lee

What an incredible trip!
The penguins are adorable.
I absolutely enjoyed the amazing photos you shared, Sallie.

Hugs and blessings

Dina Johnston

Love the penguins. So many cute shots! Looks like a great trip.

Jenn Jilks

I think I might well have thrown up in those seas!


Interesting narration about your visit to the Penguin island.

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh I do love those penguins ~ great photos ~ worth the rocky ride back to your ship ~ I think ~ hugs

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Villroses hage

Love to see penguins!


...other than in pictures, I have never seen a penguin, thanks!

Lorrie Orr

Those penguins are so cute! Wonderful photos, and I so enjoyed your telling us that they don't like to be the first in the water, and wait for some brave one to go first. An endearing trait. Glad your rough-sea experience ended well.


It’s great to read about your wonderful day visiting the island and seeing the penguins! I love your photos of these remarkable birds. I’m enjoying every post about your trip.
best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Lydia C. Lee

WOW! These are amazing. Chile is one of those countries I think I know about and then realise I have no idea what it's like...penguins are not what I would have thought! #ThruMyLens

ellen b.

Truly a trip of a lifetime. How wonderful to be able to go to the island and see the penguins and other birds, too. I'm happy to read your positive attitude about the rough seas. Penguins are so much fun to see and watch. Happy March to you!


Sallie, of course, I so enjoyed reading about the penguins and seeing all your wonderful photos. That trip back on the catamaran did sound a bit rough, but glad you made it safely.


I love all the penguins, such a cute bird.
Great series of photos.
Take care, have a great day and happy week ahead.


Amazing pictures of the penguins, a truly wonderful experience.


Amazing pictures of the penguins, a truly wonderful experience.

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