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April 07, 2024



what a wonderful trip you had! Your photos are great. One nit to pick: Eva Peron’s dates are May 7, 1919—July 26, 1952. She was earlier than you mentioned.

best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com


The covid reminders were difficult to experience, I'm sure.

You seem to have a good time in Buenos Aires, otherwise. Thank you for showing us these sights and sharing little snipped. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. :)
I was also reminded of the Madonna number 'Don't cry for me...'

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Beautiful photos of your trip! I love the city against the blue water and sky and the colorful apartments of the neighborhood. Such an amazing place! x K

Peter B.

What an interesting city! I've really enjoyed seeing South America through your eyes (and lens). It's likely a continent I will never see. The La Boca neighborhood looks fascinating!


i am in awe of the wonderful memories you have from this, your final port of call. the images and information/history you shared are pretty amazing. La Boca might be my favorite spot, it is so bright and colorful...it's nice they have an area dedicated to artists!! and what a cool bridge with an amazing opening design. i have never seen anything like that!!

an incredible adventure but i am sure it is good to be home!!

Michelle Keltner

I like the colorful buildings in the La Boca neighborhood. You have taken a trip of a lifetime! Thanks for linking up and glad you made it back home safely.

Life Images by Jill, West Australia

wow that's a big city with a lot of people. I do like those colourful painted houses though. Enjoy your week, happy travels. I am joining you at Mosaic Monday.,


Sallie, admittedly, I knew very little about Buenos Aires, but after reading your travel post know more than before, thank you. The La Boca neighborhood looked like one where I would have enjoyed spending time. The colorful reproductions of shacks were simply eye catching. The pedestrian bridge in Puerto Madero was stunning and, at first glance, looked like some sort of giant plane.

Yogi's Den

I've been fascinated by Argentina and Buenos Aires for decades since I was in grade school learning geography. Then later Eva Peron and then the right wing killings and the restoration of democracy. Plus, little known fact, an Argentine oil and gas company was a pretty good sized player in the US oil and gas industry for a time.
So I loved this post.

veronica lee

Your words and photos painted such a vivid picture of the city's history and charm, Sallie.
I especially loved learning about Plaza de Mayo and the colorful La Boca neighborhood.
Thank you for sharing your amazing trip with us!

Hugs and blessings


It was such a a difficult society to live in, with one government more dictatorial than the next. Did you find any museums or public statues to Eva Peron's memory?

::: Heidrun

Wow... what an imposing journey. I hope, you tell more of your days there.

I'm really pleased again about your contribution to

I wish you a pleasant week, best wishes from


...Sallie, you saw some fabulous sights and I thank you for taking me along to see them. Enjoy your week.


Wonderful photos from your trip! I like the views of the colorful neighborhood, it looks like a joyful happy place to live. The pedestrian bridge is a cool design. I am glad all is well at home!
Take care, have a great day and happy new week!

ellen b.

An amazing journey for the two of you! How nice to have a walk in that colorful neighborhood before you traveled home! Happy new week to you.

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