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April 21, 2024



That's a nice place where you live ! I didn't know that the hurricane has hit your area too ! You were so lucky. Yes, nature always recovers even if it takes time. The trees grow again after a fire, it's so sad for people when they loose everything.
Our park is beautiful now ! Only the sun is missing.

Traude "Rostrose"

Dear Sallie,
The damage from Hurricane Ian is apparently more lasting than I imagined. (But that seems to be the case worldwide - because in New Zealand the damage from a cyclone in 2023 had not yet been repaired and we were therefore unable to use some hiking trails.) Do you think that water pollution could also be a result of the hurricane - or is it little water and this then has problems due to temperatures that are too high?
I'm glad you were still able to see some very different and beautiful birds. As for the Osprey, if "she" was already in the nest, does that mean she already had a (different) mate? Or could it be that the two of them had a “marital crisis”?

The photo of the canal with the holiday homes looks like a pure idyll. It's hard to believe that so much was destroyed there. To count our blessings is a good way to go through life. Many people can only complain and overlook how many good things have happened to them and how often they were lucky.
All the best, Traude

Sharon Wagner

I miss our Florida condo already and it's only been a month. But summer will be fun in Minnesota, biking and such. Happy Summer travels!

Amy Franks

It must be so nice living next to water, it's so restful isn't it? The Grey River is about 5 minutes drive from my house but I much prefer the beach.


Hello Sallie,

Sorry I am late visiting and commenting, hubby and I just arrived home from a fly-drive Arizona trip. It is sad to see Dong Darling and Sanibel are still recovering from the hurricane. You did see some great birds, I love the Egrets, Ibis and Spoonbills and awesome captures of the Oprey. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week ahead.
PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

Soma @ InkTorrents.com

With all that has happened, I am very glad that you are back there safe and sound and things are recovering. The osprey photos are wonderful!!


Shiju Sugunan

Sounds like Mother Nature threw a curveball at Sanibel, but the birding puddle party at the end makes up for it! Glad you're safe and sound back at the canal.

Lavender Dreams

How special to see the Roseate Spoonbill. I'm glad to hear things are improving in that area too. What a terrible destructive storm. Love the photo of the canal where you live! Hugs!

Linda P

It must be worrying to see polluted water. Our own local reservoir thankfully remains clear as the water is free flowing. The waves can be strong, but help the yachts and other boats to move fast over the water. I enjoyed seeing the water birds sheltering in the grasses and reeds. Osprey nests must be thrilling to see. I hope the residents recover from the hurricane damage.

Michelle Keltner

Hopefully time will heal the lands affected by the hurricane. Nature knows best, but I think humans interfere so much. I love seeing your canal. Looks like a great place. Thanks for linking up!


Hello Sallie :=)
It is concerning that the water in the Ding Darling Reserve is green and like you, think you may be correct in thinking the water is polluted. H. Ian did such a lot of damage and I hope the beaches and 30 of the houses will be restored to their natural beauty very soon. Your sightings of the Osprey and group of spectacular birds such as the Roseate Spoonbill, Blue Heron, Great Egret and Snow Egrets were well worth the trip.

The photo of where your cottage is situated by the side of the canal is lovely.What a super place to live. We all need to count our blessings Sallie, you just never know what lies ahead and what could have been.
All the best


Nature reserves are wonderful places to take photos. You live in a lovely area too. Thankfully you weren't affected by the hurricane. It's devastating for those who were.

thomas lee

beautiful canal

Photo Cache

That's the flipside of living in beautiful sunny FL.

Worth a Thousand Words


Beautiful captures of whatever you could see!
Sad about the devastation though.

Peter B.

Canal life looks like it would be a lot of fun. Kind of sad about the Reserve, but hopefully time will heal.


Oh sorry it wasn't great, but I would have taken the beach!!!!


It's sad to hear about Sanibel. I haven't been there in decades but I used to love going there back years ago. I hope you having a good spring.

Candace Uhlmeyer

I've never had any desire at all to visit Florida, but your posts from there do make it tempting. Texas would be even less tempting, but I've lived here for so long that finding good things to admire is often more fruitful than one would think. You do seem to find the best stuff to take pictures of! Thanks for sharing them.

::: Heidrun

Such interesting information in this post, dear Sallie, which fills me with joy. You have managed to capture some fabulous moments. And of course I'm thrilled that nature is recovering in this protected area. That's good news

Thank you for sharing with MosaicMonday
Have a pleasant week. Greetings from Heidrun

Stewart M

Nature in all it forms in this post. Gald your cottage survived.


Alycia Quilts

Gosh that has to be hard to see, but I am glad things are being restored. Those birds are lovely!
and what a great place you live - thats just so pretty!!!


Lovely birds

Little Wandering Wren

Thank you for the updates on the hurricane in your area. We heard about Ian in our news, and seeing how the area is regenerating (or not) brings it all home. You were lucky at your beautiful Canal cottage compared with others.

I enjoyed my peep into your life and a virtual wander to Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve with you.

Enjoy your darling Canal Cottage days!

Wren x

Yogi's Den

Hopefully the natural features of the area will continue to heal. I'd of not kept a bunch of photos of ruined houses myself or at least it would have been easy to lose them.


I guess you need to tell people that DIng Darling was a man, born in 1876, who was involved in early conservation efforts. Not funny.

I enjoyed your report, as I haven’t heard much about how the wildlife refuge is recovering. We were fortunate to visit there on a very good day a few years ago. I hope you continue to enjoy your canal-side home, with no more destructive events.

best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Barb Rogers

Loved seeing whatever birds you could capture. And it was good to hear your little home didn't sustain damage from Ian. So much damage on the west coast of FL, and some people and places just couldn't be repaired. I do hope the mangroves return, and the algae goes back to normal.


after superstorm sandy, it took forever for our area to recover. even after 10 years there were homes and beaches that needed work. it is so sad and so unbelievable that it takes so much time. ding darling is such a funny name for a reserve, but it looks like a great spot!! we aren't beach people either, not in the summer. i LOVE the beach every other time of year!! great images, i was out yesterday taking picture of our osprey!!

veronica lee

Sallie! Your photos are beautiful, even though the birdwatching didn't go as planned. Nature's ability to bounce back is amazing, and it's encouraging to see signs of recovery. Your canal looks serene, and it's wonderful that your home is getting back to normal after the hurricane.

Hugs and blessings


Super photos Sallie, sorry it wasn't as hoped for but these photos are lovely! I like Ding Darling and would love to know how it came by that name.

Dina Johnston

It may take a few years for the birds to come back to Ding Darling. Sad to see all the mangroves stripped but they should come back as well. Assuming the birds aren't there if there's no food in that water. Your canal looks really nice.

Suzan Leander Batz

I'm glad there is some restoration and regrowth going on. So sad to see such devastation. Glad you were ok through the hurricane season.
I'll bet the algae has something to do with the lack of birds. Glad you got to see some in such a small area.
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it.

ellen b.

That is a very interesting gathering of birds you captured. Sad that the birding was disappointing. Your little canal looks so pretty and peaceful. Happy for you that you could repair the damage your canal home endured. I like that name...Ding Darling. :) Happy new week to you!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Ding Darling Reserve will recover after the hurricane. Nature is amazing. I live in a hot country where forest fires are a pretty regular thing. Everything grows back, often pretty quickly.

Linda W

Great view of the cabal. I like the osprey.

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