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May 12, 2024


Linda P

What an interesting habitat! I would love to take one of those trails to observe the creatures that live in such conditions. I've learnt a lot from your descriptions and it was interesting to see your photos.

Michelle Keltner

I like that little green heron and the hawk nest is lovely. I like the swampy look with the cypress trees. Thanks for linking up and I hope you are having a great week.

Traude "Rostrose"

Dear Sallie, it was great accompanying you at Six Mile. There is a wonderful amount of wildlife to observe there and also wonderful plants. The photo of the Cypress Tree Forest Wetlands looks magical - the trees have a very special shape and the white lichen spots give the forest a somewhat fairytale atmosphere. Oh, and I like seeing upside down skies too! :-D
All the best, Traude

Stewart M

Herons are such great birds to watch. And that 'swamp forest' looks remarkable.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


You got such great pictures.

Sue Batz

Really love your upside down sky photo and the red heart plant..All the wild life is wonderful..well actually the entire post is wonderful. Enjoyed everything about it.

Lavender Dreams

It really is a beautiful time of year. It's getting hot but not so bad that you can't breathe! lol I love the Cypress trees and the reflection of the clouds in the water. The heart is special and so is that turtle! I would love to visit that area. Thanks for sharing and being such a sweet friend, Diane

Shiju Sugunan

Love the upside-down sky picture and Cypress tree forest. Glad you enjoyed your time in nature!


Hello Sallie,
I see I left a comment above, I do love the Herons. The soft shelled turtle is a great sighting. They are all beautiful photos from your visit to the wetlands. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great day and happy weekend.


Ah! the richness of wetland areas! There's always so much the fauna and flora to see. You sure had a great time at Six Mile!
I've been wanting to see the trees that thrive in swampy water. Thank you for the sneak peek. :)

And the lily pad picture is super cool! <3

Have a great weekend! :)

Dina Johnston

Looks like a great walk!

Linda Walcroft

Oh neat! Thanks for taking us with you.

Photo Cache

Wow, I like the sighting of the hawk's nest.

Judy Faye Biggerstaff

Aren't you happy you went back to walk through the Six-Mile Cypress Slough. Good pics, so many interesting creatures and sights to see. Love the herons.


hmmm not sure how I feel about Alligators, luckily we don't have them here.

Peter B.

Beautiful photos! Interesting to see all the lichen on the cypress trees.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good sky reflection.

::: Heidrun

Another round of MosaicMonday in beautiful May... and I am very happy about your contribution, dear Sallie. This walk through the natur is an interesting way for me.

More pictures this week that tell the story of your surroundings, of nature, of your everyday life. Pictures that also tell a story.

Thank you for your participation.

Have a good time, best wishes from Heidrun

Coloring Outside the Lines

These are great photos, and how wonderful to see all the wildlife. Have a great day!


Your photos are gorgeous ! That's nice that you can drive around and visit different places ! I am stuck with the weather, it is always raining or cloudy skies, but it is not too cold. This humidity is not good for my lung disease and I avoid to go out, fortunately we have this wonderful park to walk around. I would like to travel, but I don't dare, I never know when I have lung problems and have to sit down to get back my breath. It's strange sometimes I have nothing for at least a month and then it starts again ! I am really happy to be here, in case I get ill ! Maybe in summer it will get better, hopefully !


Sallie, it is wonderful to have such a great place to walk and explore and certainly there was a lot to see on your visit. Great blue herons are always a favorite of mine and this week the one that visits the Nashua River in warmer weather returned. We have 2 families of Canada Geese with possibly more to come.


Your photos are beautiful, and cause me to remember the one time we walked and drove in a similar habitat, with cypress trees and beautiful water all around. It’s easy to forget that Florida has so much natural beauty, as today’s headlines about the state are dominated by such ugliness.

best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com


six mile cypress slough looks like a great place to walk!! you saw and captured some outstanding images...neat to see so many tri colored herons. who needs to see alligators, when you see a nice healthy turtle!! i really like the last image!!

Alycia Quilts

What a very pretty place - it is very wet tho - is it humid too? I can not imagine taking a wagon thru some of that stuff.


What a very magical place! Aloha!


Hello Sallie :=)

Beautiful nature scenes of the wildlife in Cypress Slough. The Cypress trees look like they are all wearing pleated dresses.I could imagine them dancing, does that seem silly, perhaps, but I have never seen Cypress trees like that.Lovely lake picture with the cloud reflection, and the Softshell Turtle is a new species to me.Lovely shots of the Heron,the large Hawk's nest, and the pretty flowers,... I felt like I was there with you.
All the best.

Yogi's Den

You got some finds with the wildlife. A green heron, a tri-colored heron, the turtle. Plus some great views of the marsh and trees. True you didn't see any alligators but maybe they saw you!

Michelle Banks

They make such big nests. It is amazing...Michelle


Lovely captures! The last time I saw a Green Heron was when we were on holiday in Florida and that's been years ago. This is a place I would love to explore. Have a great week Sallie :)

Soma @ InkTorrents.com

Beautiful photo of the lilies and the sky. Looks like a painting. The heron is so pretty. A lovely walk and a wonderful place to explore.



Wow so many birds. Birds and wather are never wrong

veronica lee

What a delightful place to explore, Sallie!
Your photos are amazing!
I especially loved the lily pad photos.

Happy Tuesday!


Marvelous nature photos and captions!

Tony McGurk

Great photos & I really like the Cypress Tree Forest photo. Nice work.


Thanks for taking me on a hike. I don't really hike anymore. My gait isn't always steady. I enjoyed your photos of the habitat and wildlife. Love the big turtle.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! What a fascinating place and great series of photos ~ herons were amazing as well as the hawk ~ love the 'lily pad 'sky look' ~ thanks ~ hugs,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

ellen b.

What a beautiful heron that is. Love the photos you captured. I also think that lily pad photos is so cool with the sky reflections on the water. Happy belated Mother's day to you! Have a wonderful week!


Hello Sallie,
Looks like a wonderful place to explore!
Love the Herons and the hawk on the nest.
The sky reflections are very pretty.
Take care, have a great week!

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