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May 05, 2024


Soma @ InkTorrents.com

Beautiful photos and I love the Steller Jay. Thank you for sharing about the tradition of hanging flowers from the doorknobs. That sounds so wonderful.


Lavender Dreams

I always loved Spring in Arkansas where I grew up. We had many of these spring flowers. But the wildflowers have been beautiful here in FL so I won't complain. Enjoy your week! (we've been camping this week and talking about class b vans. I think that's what you have. So far it's crazy talk but we wonder if a class b would be easier!) Hugs, Diane


As a child I heard about the May Day baskets and anonymously putting them on the doorknob, but we never actually did that, it seemed already a thing of the past. The most beautiful spring flowers indeed bloom around May 1 in our area and throughout the Midwest, and we are really enjoying it.
best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Michelle Keltner

A wonderful post. I love May as it begins a season of flowers and gardening for me. Your photos are lovely :) Thank you for linking up.

Shiju Sugunan

May brings the real feeling of Spring, doesn't it? Your memories of May's traditions and nature's beauty are lovely. I like your flowers and birds. Thanks for sharing!

Stewart M

Wonderful range of flowers - and who does not love a spoonbill.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

John's Island

Hi Sallie,

Your reflections on the arrival of spring are so beautifully penned—whether it's the vibrant springs of the Pacific Northwest or the subtler seasonal shifts in Florida. The tradition of May Day baskets is such a charming custom, bridging generations with simple acts of kindness and joy. It’s wonderful that you were able to share this tradition with your children and neighbors, adapting it to changing times while keeping the spirit alive.

Your mention of the flowers and birds that mark the season in both regions is a lovely touch. It’s amazing how nature signals the change of seasons in its own way, from the tulips in Oregon to the tropical blooms and the lively presence of birds like the Stellar Jay and the Roseate Spoonbill in Florida. Thank you for sharing not only your current experiences but also those cherished memories of past springs.


Green Comotion

Hi Sallie!
The photos of the flowers are so very soothing to the eyes. The photos of birds are wonderful as always. Be well!


Hello Sallie,
Spring time is my favorite time of the year. The flowers are a gorgeous sight, after a blah winter. Everything looks so colorful.
Beautiful capture of the Spoonbills, they are a favorite Florida bird. I hope you enjoy your time in Oregon.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great day and a happy weekend.


Spring is all about flowers and birds especially the daffodils and tulips. I love the idea of the baskets of flowers gifted to neighbours and the older generation. Not heard of that before. The spoonbill's wings in the sunshine are fabulous.

thomas lee

colorful shots


What a wonderful collection of photos. Happy weekend to you.

Photo Cache

Spring is just gorgeous here.

Peter B.

Beautiful blooms and gorgeous skies! We get Stellar Jays here in S CA, but only in the mountains. Beautiful birds!


I have never heard of the custom of leaving flowers in bags on door knobs. I love the idea!!
March is a heartbreaker in Oklahoma. Sometimes it is cold the whole month!!

Esmé Slabbert

The Flowers are so pretty and vibrant as well as the Ibis
I visited you via Skywatch Friday. My entry is #16
You can join the WW Words Welcome Wednesday https://esmesalon.com/tag/wordlesswednesday/


Oh marvelous! Thank you for making us feel springtime great. Aloha!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful skies.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such lovely daffodils and tulips! I would love to find them on my doorstep. The Stellar Jay is not a bird I am familiar with but it is beautiful.


In Belgium and France we offer little bouquets of Lilly of the valley to family and friends ! We used to have a lot in our garden and our neighbors came and picked them up to make the little bouquets, otherwise they were sold on the streets in in flower shops of course (and each year more expensive) I think Belgium will become a Florida like country, we have no season anymore, the temperatures are nearly the same the whole year around you only the the changes in nature. What should be winter, but with summer temperatures (cold) the trees have no leaves !

::: Heidrun

Yes, I remembering on my childhood too in this time. Undderstodd very well.

Another round of MosaicMonday in beautiful May... and I am very happy about your contribution. More pictures this week that show your surroundings, nature, something of your everyday life. Pictures that also tell a bit of history, it`s very interesting.

Thank you for your participation. Have a good time, best wishes from Heidrun

Amy Franks

The birds in the water are amazing, we definitely don't see anything like that here. Daffodils are my favourite Spring bulbs, I just planted some here.

Alycia Quilts

Oh I remember May Days too!! My Mom would take us to the grandparents and we'd drop a basket of flowers!!! We might have gotten a cookie too haha!
Gosh - your flowers are so pretty - I love the deep colors and the variety!


Dear Sallie :=)
Your first sky shot is marvellous, and I love the Blue Jay capture.
Flowers make me happy, and all your flower images made me smile at natures beauty.
Your childhood memories are delightful happenings in the month of May.I enjoyed learning about the baskets of flowers delivered to the older generation, and think it is a lovely tradition.
Gorgeous capture of the Roseate Spoonbills which I have never seen in person and never will now, however I can enjoy your beautiful photos.
Happy rest of May.
All the best


Beautiful captures!

Michelle Nature Notes

Hello Sallie...beautiful flowers and birds..I love...love spring..Michelle


All of your photos are so beautiful. Love the flowers and birds - and let's not forget the sky shots. Thanks for sharing all the lovelies with us.


such lovely flowers from here and there...aren't we lucky to be able to photograph them and view them over a lifetime!! i always enjoy seeing the roseate spoonbill because i do not see them here...you are lucky to see them so easily and so often!! i agree with you about march and april...here in nj we get really crazy weather including snow and "pool" weather!!

beautiful sunrise in that first picture!!


Wonderful photos of skies, flowers and birds! I enjoyed your special memories from childhood also. Thanks Sallie!


...we can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Beautiful flowers and sky images.
The Spoonbills are one of my favorite birds.
Take care, have a great day!


Thanks, Sallie, for sharing the beautiful blooms and the lone blue jay. I enjoyed reading Bout your childhood memories about the start of May.

ellen b.

I loved reading your accounts of May day in the past with the sweet baskets left at neighbors doors. Fun. Spring flowers are truly a delight. Those tropical flowers are fun, too. I need to go out an pick rhubarb from our prolific plant. Happy May to you in your corner of Florida.


Sallie! How nice to visit you again, and with such a glorious array of spring color! We have escaped the grays and browns of Montana, and miraculously arrived in Spring by flying to the UK! Joining you from Mosaic Monday - number five on the linky this week!


So many beautiful photos.

Linda W

Lovely post! Have a great week?


In France, May begins with Lily of the valley offered to family members or friends.
One says it brings luck. The first of May is also our "Labor day" during which.... nobody is working.

veronica lee

What a delightful post, Sallie!
Your memories of May and the tradition of making paper baskets filled with flowers are so heartwarming.
It's lovely to hear how the customs have evolved over time, yet the spirit of May remains.

Hugs and blessings

Lydia C. Lee

Those flower pics are lovely! Beautiful and cheery. It's grey and miserable here. #NAturesNotes

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