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June 07, 2024


Photo Cache

Lovely captures. I'm quite wary of the vultures.


Marvelous captures all!

Peter B.

Wow, they are serious about not feeding the alligators! Thanks for sharing this beautiful part of the country with us!


While you have heat, we have drizzle and cold days and nights. I'm not a tent camping fan but if it was in a campervan I think I'd be happy.

Yogi's Den

Nice to get out in nature even if it is hot.

Cloudia Honolulu

Thanks! I needed this! Aloha Dear


i would imagine things clear out a lot because of the heat, will they pick back up when schools let out?? that is a beautiful heron and an amazing number of dragonflies!! what a funny sign and a unique picture of a beautiful sun set!!


You are so lucky to still be able to travel around and make nice photos ! There are days I think my life is finished now I am hanging only in front of the TV and play with my "inmates" When I am away I want to go home and when I am home I want to go away. This cold and rainy weather doesn't lift my meed either ! I hope that next month perhaps we will have some summer temperatures, then it would be nice to drive around and postpone my travel plans til autumn ! I want to go to Turkey, but there are more than 40Β°C now !! Heatwaves everywhere except here, where we are under polar wind or whatever !


...did you turn around?

Stewart M

Vultures, alligators, bad roads and scary road signs: what's not to like!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Great photos of the butterflies. So much to see and be wary of with those alligators. Vultures fulfil a needy role by being the clean up guys. No doubt you will have lots to show us of your trip back. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

Lorrie Orr

What a beautiful trip. Those alligators and vultures are really something. Love all the flowers and the dragonflies. Safe travels across the country.

Linda Walcroft

I enjoyed your pictures and text. I certainly would not feed alligators.

🌷🌷🌷 Heidrun

The alligators look like prehistoric creatures. Very impressive. And I freely admit that I am afraid.

The beautiful dragonflies come flying much more harmlessly. Oh, these iridescent creatures, how wonderful to follow them with my eyes.

Thank you for your lovely contribution to MosaicMonday. Hugs from Heidrun and I wish you a pleasant week

Shiju Sugunan

Sounds like a fantastic trip! Love the photos, especially the sea of dragonflies and the wildflowers.

Michelle Nature Notes

Hi Sallie...People feed alligators? Really, really bad idea for them to regard humans as possible having food. People don't think when regard to wildlife and don't care to learn about them properly...Lovely photos....Michelle


...good for you, I find dragonflies to be so difficult to photograph, they are just too fast! Sallie, enjoy your week.


Some fantastic photos, thanks for sharing. I've never seen an alligator and I'm ok with that. :)


I have been to Florida years ago and had the opportunity to visit Wakula Springs during a weekend off. I day alligators there along with snapping turtles and lots of mossies trying to eat you

Life Images by Jill, West Australi

I guess that is the problem when it is hot - too hot to walk and explore and too hot for birds an animals. No submerging though in the alligator pool! Enjoy your week. I am joining you at Mosaic Monday.

Linda P

Another interesting blog post Sallie. I like to see your photo record of the wildlife in your corner of the world.

Lydia C. Lee

That alligator would make me turn around!! #Naturesnotes

veronica lee

Hi Sallie, what a fantastic adventure!
Your photos are stunning, especially the dragonflies and the Green Heron.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful trip with us.

Have a great week ahead.


Thanks, Sallie, for sharing your get-away nature pics. The dragonflies and heron were my favorites, the alligators and vultures not so much. I have been reading about thedreadfully hot temps in FL and other parts of the country, thankfully only in the 80s in NH now. We will get warmer but not in the 100s. I am glad that my funnies gave you a smile today!

JBig - Kentucky

Nice pics of your visit to the park. Especially love the dragon flies and the one of the alligators!

Green Comotion

Scared of Gators, so I am glad I only have to see them in your pictures. The birds are brilliant!
Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photographs with the rest of the world. Be well!!


It must be so hot and humid there at this time of year. You were smart to stay in your vehicle. Love the dragonflies.

Suzan Batz

Love your trip saga. What an amazing country we live in. Variety at every turn.
Thanks for sharing.

Lavender Dreams

The wildflowers have been spectacular this year! How nice to get out on those roads in a van! Hhhmmmmm! I love the 'van life'! And it's HOT here already so I'll have to pick and choose days to get out. Enjoy your weekend!

ellen b.

What fun to see so many dragonflies! Hope your recharge gets you all the way through getting things all closed up and ready for your summer away from the canal. I was just wondering when you'd be heading back to Oregon. Happy end of Canal season to you and safe travels!


Hello Sallie,
Wow, that is a lot of dragonflies. I like the dragonfly on the gator too. The Green Heron is one of my favorite birds. The Vultures do a great job of cleaning up. Pretty sunset and lovely flowers.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.


Florida looks beautiful, but the heat does appear very off-putting. The fact that you don’t see many alligators on all the nature walks you take surprised me. Have a great cross-country trip back to the cooler part of the country.

best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Dina Johnston

Looks like a lot of fun! Those vultures are really cool birds.

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