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June 21, 2024


Soma @ InkTorrents.com

I am so glad you were able to camp there and learn so much. Beautiful photos. Love the hawk. I have been away, and it was good to read your posts and see your photos. Hope you are having a wonderful time in OR.


Sharon Wagner

Safe travels!

Michelle Keltner

This is very interesting to me and a part of Florida I haven't been to. Thanks for taking us along and for linking up.

Photo Cache

I'm always attracted to the bowls/pots and baskets when visiting museums.

Worth a Thousand Words

Traude "Rostrose"

Dear Sally, that was a very interesting trip. My husband and I also like to learn about the original peoples who inhabited and shaped a country. And it's wonderful when some of these peoples still exist and can tell their own story. It's a shame that we didn't know anything about the Seminoles when we went to Florida. On the other hand, it was a family trip with a young child, so we mainly had destinations like Disneyworld and the Florida Aquarium... I would remember your blog post on another visit to Florida! In New Zealand we also had the opportunity to meet the original inhabitants of the country - a bit more show-like and not so museum-like, but also very interesting. I wish that the original tribes would get more respect back in the world and spread some of the love of nature to humanity.
Thank you for your appreciative words in my previous blog post!
All the best, Traude

::: Heidrun

I am always happy about the exchange in the comments! Thanks for the nice comment, dear Sallie. And I know I'm late writing this week.

Thanks also for the contribution to MosaicMonday. Visiting the museum - as shown here - always brings valuable insights.

What a wonderful collage. Thanks for sharing on MM.
Greetings and hugs from Heidrun


I went to their Museum some years ago and learned a lot. It's marvelous that you camped on the reservation.


That must have been a very interesting and enriching experience. Thank you for taking us into this Seminole area and sharing with us all the learnings you had there.
Travel teaches us so much. (So does blogging and virtual travel. :D Love this! Thanks again, Sallie. )


Very interesting.


...the "old Florida" or the "real Florida" is doubt nicer that the present day "Floridah!"

Lavender Dreams

It's such a sad part of the history of our nation. I know I would love visiting the museum and learning more about them. You did a great job sharing so much information. I lived on the Navajo Reservation in NM for a few years so I know how foreign it can be. Enjoy your week! I hope everything goes well in your trip North! Hugs, Diane


Sallie, I found this history of the seminole Indians very interesting and informative as I knew very little about this Indian nation. In our road trops we have never ventured into any former or present Indian lands. There is an Indian museum not located too far from Nashua, NH, and I am going to suggest we visit it on a future day trip. Many tribes were treated so unfrialy vand it appears that the Seminoles did win out in the end with all the casinos (no pun intended).


Very interesting. I did not know they own the Hard Rock Cafes. They have done well.


Very interesting to read ! What a difference (fortunately) when we were for the first time in the States and crossed Arizona, there were reservations and very poor "Indians" living in there. On top it was not "recommended" to buy anything from them. Which of course made me do the opposite and I bought necklaces and bracelets and other pretty things. When we had to cross a reservation people were very hostile and refused to serve food to my uncle who was American, while my aunt and we two spoke German and were served like Kings. We had to feed my uncle with our rests ! Now all this has changed it was in 1971 when we had been first there. No tourism at all ! You are right, "my castle" which I found by pure coincidence, I first thought it was a restaurant with a park around!


Thank you, Sallie, for this very interessant story. I knew nothing about the Seminoles before reading your post !

Veronica Lee

Your post about your camping trip on the Seminole Indian Reservation is fascinating!
The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum sounds like a treasure trove of Seminole history.
Your photos beautifully captured the blend of tradition and modernity on the reservation, especially the chickee huts in the backyard of every home.

Thanks for sharing this enriching journey, Sallie

Green Comotion

Hi Sallie!
Great collection of photos from around the reservation!
I am particularly fascinated by the corn meal making widget - very cool. I wouldn't have imagined it that way (because of my naivete) - would've thought they might have used a mill or sorts, like a mortar and pistil. I know something new - thanks to you!
Be well!!


Awesome photos, Sallie. The museum looks like a fantastic place to visit. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.


Wonderful captures!

Peter B.

What a wonderful experience. This truly is the "real Florida." Thanks for sharing it with us!

Yogi's Den

That's pretty cool. The Seminoles do have a history they can be proud of. Nice that they are putting all the money into good use.

Oklahoma is kind of a mess. Turns out that a lot of the reservations were not disestablished before their land was taken from them so now the tribes and the state are co-located in many areas and in the reservations the non-native police and laws have no jurisdiction.


Thank you for the very interesting summary of history and culture as you observed it in the museum and visited the town. I had no idea that the Everglades were such a great place to hide!
best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com


A fascinating trip. Lovely to stay on a campsite in the reserve.

ellen b.

Nothing like being in the midst of their land and culture to be able to learn more instead of from a book. Looks like a nice oasis to enjoy your stay in. You make the most of your surroundings!


Hello Sallie,
We have been all over Florida and the Everglades, I do not remember seeing this part of Florida. The museum looks really nice. Great captures of the campground visitors, the hawk and woodpecker are great birds. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

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